Pink and White Magnolia - one of the key essences in this Feng Shui house spray

Aromatherapy Spray Blend for House Cleansing

Our spray bottle blend of aromatherapy essential oils and special flower essences for cleansing, deodorizing, and energetically enhancing the energy of your house and workplace.

This product is a blend of our own Feng Shui house balancing flower essences, combined with specially selected aromatherapy essential oils, to create a unique product for general-purpose indoor space cleansing and balancing.

This is one of our new range of aromatherapy spray blends that utilize our recently discovered technology of combining together in the one blend, high-quality aromatherapy essential oils with our own powerful flower essences, creating a powerful synergistic energy that combines the power of both modalities into the one blend.

The Feng Shui House Cleansing spray helps to clear out negative energies left behind in indoor spaces by people who have visited that area. It is ideal when moving house or office, or when using a public space such as hiring a hall, or before and after clients if you are a practitioner. Simply spritz around the room, especially in the corners. The spray can be used in combination with other Feng Shui techniques, or other energy clearing practices.

The ingredients listed below are the active ingredients that provide the energies to do the cleansing, balancing, freshening, deodorizing, etc......

Click to go to the Pink and White Magnolia flower essence. Feng Shui Master Essence     Pink and White Magnolia
Provides the “master linkage” energies for Feng Shui house balancing essence work. Could be said to be “the glue” that holds all of the various energies together, that are supplied by all of the other Feng Shui flower essences. Also acts as a catalyst, to facilitate and enhance the action of all of the essences, and to ensure that all of the essences
work together in harmony and balance.

Wild Fennel, the essence for cleansing negativity. Click to see details. Cleansing     Wild Fennel
Cleansing all aspects of the energy of the house. Processing and transmuting negative energies and energies from the past that are embedded in the structure of the house.

Energizing     Red Clover
Red Clover, the essence for energizing. Click to see details Enhances all aspects of the house chi energy. Lifts the frequency of vibration to a higher overall level and also calms, warms, enhances the ambience of the energy, and brings in the energy of prosperity and of laughter and happiness.

Transforming     Peace Lily
Peace Lily, the essence for calming and harmonizing. Click to see details Transforming the house chi by changing the energy into a more peaceful and harmonious state, within the house and in the wider neighborhood. Also grounds the house energy, neutralizes the negative effects of underground water, and aligns the house energy with the
earth's magnetic field.

Aligning     Angelica
Angelica, the essence for aligning the house chi energy. Click to see details Aligning the house chi with the “face” of the house. Also focussing and aligning the “personality energy” of the house, and aligning and anchoring the house energy with the energy of Mother Earth and the cosmos.

Balancing     Spur Valerian
Spur Valerian, the essence for balancing the energy. Click to see details Balancing all aspects of the house energy, including the house meridians, the chakras, the atmosphere, and also with the energy of the surrounding neighborhood. Also gives a degree of immunity to the energy of “stormy weather.

The above five are all “Super-Essences” in that they are specially-prepared “mini mixes” of individual flower and gem essences, formulated specifically for use in Feng Shui. Click on the name or picture of each one for more details.

In order to create these combination products that are literally a new modality, being much more than just simple mixtures of essential oils and flower essences, we set out on a program of research and development to find ways to energetically combine and enhance together the aromatherapy oils with the flower essences.

The results of this research program yielded three special flower essences, that are included in all of these aromatherapy spray blend products, that fill roles of energetically holding together the energies and enhancing the properties. These three special flower essences (a special version of the White Magnolia, the Dark Pink Camellia, and the Viper's Bugloss), are the first three essences listed below.....

Click on the name (or picture) to go to a page of details about that essence.....

White Magnolia - the master orchestrator essence. Click to see details. White Magnolia    The “Hampden Street” version of our master linkage flower essence, for connecting together the healing energies of combinations of essential oils and flower essences. This essence provides energies to connect together the various healing energies of the oils and of the flower essences, into one synergistic whole.

Moderator-Combiner    Dark Pink Camellia
Dark Pink Camellia, the essential oils moderator-combiner essence.  Click to see details. The “moderator-combiner” flower essence, for use in mixtures that comprise combinations of essential oils and flower essences. This essence provides energies to facilitate the harmonious working together of the various types of energies present in these mixtures.

Essential Oils Resonance Enhancer    Viper's Bugloss
Viper's Bugloss, the essential oils resonance enhancer flower essence.  Click to see details. The “essential oil resonance enhancer” flower essence, for use in mixtures that comprise combinations of essential oils and flower essences. This essence provides energies to enhance the resonance of the essential oil component energies, in their relationships with the flower essences in the combined mixture.

The aromatherapy essential oils in this spray blend product are the following.....

Cedarwood  (Atlas Cedarwood, Cedrus atlantica, wildcrafted from Morocco)

Geranium  (Pelargonium graveolens, organic, from Reunion Island)

Lavender  (Lavendula angustifolia, wildcrafted, from Bulgaria)

Pine  (Pinus kessia, certified organic, from Madagascar)

All of these essential oils are of the very highest quality, being either organic or wildcrafted (ie. gathered from the wild, in a sustainable manner). They are the same therapeutic-grade essential oils that we offer for sale on our Organic and Wildcrafted Essential Oil Product Page.

The liquid base for this room-spray product is a blend of pure water, top-quality vodka, and a small quantity of a natural emulsifier, Polysorbate 20 (derived from palm oil). Not to be taken internally, and keep away from the eyes.

This “Feng Shui House Cleansing” aromatherapy spray blend product is available in a 50ml spray bottle. (Approx. 1.7 fluid ounce).

This product is available from a number of retail health shops and organic shops here in New Zealand, and NZ residents can contact us for details of their local stockist.

You are also welcome to obtain this product direct from us, and we can ship to anywhere in the world.

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