The Indigo Children - the new breed for the New Millennium

The Indigo Children

Who are they, the Indigo Children?

You see them everywhere. In the streets, the shopping malls, the parks, at the zoo, and in the schools.....

Courtney, the granddaughter of the author, a "typical" Indigo Child, when she was 4 years old. You see them with their parents, and you see them in groups. Who are they? They are the “Indigo Children”.  These are the children, born in increasing numbers since the 1970's, who are already highly evolved spiritually when they are born.

How can we recognize them, these Indigos? Even though, at a glance, they look just the same as all children? If you look closely there is a difference.  It is subtle, but it is definitely there.  If you are sensitive to energies, you may notice a difference to their energy, like a lightness. Like there is “light shining out of their faces”.

And they have an awareness about them. Even though they themselves have no conscious awareness of this, and if asked they would deny it, most of them have an intuitive awareness of, for example truth and rightness. They respond very positively to people (both to adults and to other Indigo Children) who are “living in truth”. And they are not comfortable in the presence of people who are false.

They tend to stick together with other Indigo Children who are at a similar level of spiritual evolution to themselves. I often see groups of teenage girls, aged between 12 and 16, getting around together. These packs of girl Indigos are very common in shopping malls. At a glance, they look like any group of girls in their early teens. All dressed the same, giggling and laughing. But, there is something different about them.

How long have they been around, these Indigo Children? They began appearing on earth from around 1970.  At first in very small numbers, and over the years in increasing numbers, until now they are the majority of babies presently being born. In New Zealand primary schools, (ie. elementary schools), they are now the majority of kids in the schools, and this will be true in schools all over the world.

The oldest of them are now in their late twenties or thirty-ish. Young adults, not children any more. And many of these adult Indigos are looking for answers. They have a hunger for truth. It is time for them to become aware of who they really are. And they will be drawn to whoever can help them in this.

Most of the parents of these Indigo Children are totally unaware of this phenomenon, as are most of their teachers in the schools. And this is as it is meant to be. But, if you are a parent (or a teacher) reading this and it is ringing bells for you concerning your child or children, maybe this is because it is time for you to become aware of the truth.

What is the message in this for us? I believe that one of the purposes of these Indigo Children in being here amongst us in such large numbers is the sounding of a spiritual wake-up call for us all. If you are a parent or a teacher of Indigo Children, the best thing that you can do for these children is to sort yourself out. Sort your own life out.

Do, for yourself, what they must have done before they came here. Sort out your life, follow a path of truth and rightness in all ways. Get serious about letting go of all of the reasons for all of your dysfunctional behaviour. Release the past. Resolve and release all your emotional baggage.

Let go of all of your limiting beliefs. Begin to unplug yourself from the false gods of the mass consciousness: the consumerism, the “global supermarket culture”, the illusion of security in the endless chase after the comforts and convenience of civilization. Discover for yourself what is truly important, and discard the rest. And, you will discover, that you become just like them. No matter where you were at on the spiritual evolution scale, you can improve yourself, now.

This is your wake-up call.

Continued in   Part Two  of this article.

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