The Indigo Children - the new breed for the New Millennium.

The Indigo Children  (Part 2)

Who are they, the Indigo Children?

You see them everywhere. In the streets, the shopping malls, the parks, at the zoo, and in the schools.....

Courtney, the granddaughter of the author, a "typical" Indigo Child - at 9 years old.

To briefly recap, in Part One of this article we discussed how the Indigo Children are the children, born in increasing numbers since the early 1970's, who are more spiritually mature than what we have (until now) considered to be “normal”. Many of them are more self-confident and self-assured than were the children of earlier generations. They have a very well-developed sense of right and wrong, truth and falsehood, and they will not tolerate falseness, and many of them are severely testing our dysfunctional “system”.

Why are they called “Indigo”? The name refers to the colour indigo, and the phenomenon of the Indigo Children was first publicly announced (as far as I know) in 1982, in a book “Understanding your Life through Color”, by Nancy Ann Tappe. Apparently, all humans can be categorized into groups (on the spiritual level) and each of these groups has a characteristic colour in their aura. This colour can be seen (or felt) by clairvoyants, if they know what to look for. It can be tested intuitively, eg. with a pendulum.

Around the beginning of the 1970's, a new colour began appearing in children being born, the colour indigo. At first, these “Indigo Children”, as they became called, because of this indigo colour, were very rare, maybe only one in a thousand births at the start of the 1970's. However, their numbers have gradually increased, and at some time in the 1990's they became the majority of births. Today it has reached the point where almost all births are of “Indigos”, with the other colours being a tiny minority of new-born babies.

One of the readers who contacted me following the initial publication of Part One of this article, is a school teacher. She has been aware of the Indigo Children for some time, and in her class of 21 five to seven year-olds there are 18 Indigo Children and only 3 non-Indigos. And, in this class, it is the non-Indigos who feel awkward and out of place. I suspect it is the same in all primary school  (ie. elementary school) class-rooms all over New Zealand, and, all over the world.

A quiet revolution is taking place, right under our noses, and hardly anyone even suspects that it exists!  I believe that this quiet revolution is part of a big wake-up call for all of humanity.  A spiritual wake-up call so huge that, eventually, will totally change the face of humanity.  What do you think?

When the subject of the Indigo Children comes up, most people think of the little children, the cute little five to ten-year-olds at primary school. However, because these Indigo Children have been arriving amongst us for thirty-odd years, the oldest of them are now thirty-ish years old. Hardly children any more!

I become aware of these Adult Indigos a few years ago, and they are out there making their mark. Although in a minority for their age groups, (remember that back when they were born, they were a tiny minority of births back then), they are already having an influence way beyond their numbers. And this trend will accelerate every year, as more and more of them reach adult-hood. Isn't it exciting times that we live in!

I will have more to say about the Adult Indigos in a future article.

So, where does this leave the rest of us “ordinary folk”?  Us reds, oranges, greens and yellows?  We too have our part to play in this spiritual revolution. The wake-up call is for everyone, all of humanity, not just for the Indigos, or just for people who are on a really dedicated spiritual path. This call is for everybody.

It is time for all of us to discover what is really important, and to focus on the things of real importance. To cast aside our false gods, the failed gods that can never satisfy us, the gods that just lead us on and on, into illusion, disappointment, addiction and despair. To put aside the toys of consumerism and materialism, the endless chase, like the pet mouse on the wheel, so busy climbing up the endless ladder that we cannot see the bars of our cage.

A number of people have asked me where they can obtain more information about the Indigo Children. There is a book, “Indigo Children: The New Kids have Arrived”, by Lee Carroll and Jan Tobin, published by Hay House. This book includes a lot of advice for parents, and is written in a style that is fairly “mainstream”, so it is suitable to be recommended to “Mainstream” type people. (Note that the authors are the same people who channel the Kryon material, but this book is quite unlike the Kryon books. Click here to go to the Kryon web site.)

The authors of this book also have an Internet site, about the Indigo Children,

The Indigo Children book is in many libraries in New Zealand. There are four copies in the Christchurch Public Libraries. There is one copy each in the Napier and Hastings libraries, and the Wellington Public Library has a copy, and I would guess that it is in many libraries all over the world. If your local library does not have a copy, why not put in a request for them to get it?

Yes, it is exciting times that we live in! Never before have there been times quite like we are living in right now. Are you ready to meet the challenge of living in these times? To respond to the big wake-up call that is echoing around the world!

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The above article on the Indigo Children, by Peter Archer, was originally published in the New Zealand magazine, Inspiration Input, in two parts, in 2000.

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