New Millennium Flower Essences - Using Essences for Releasing the Past

Using Flower Essences for Releasing the Past

“A very effective and gentle therapy”

Part One

How many “old movies” are you still re-running?

When I set out on my journey of personal healing some years ago, I had no idea that what I was actually doing was the taking of a giant step on what is essentially a spiritual quest. All I wanted to do was to find a way to ease the intense emotional pain that I was experiencing. I wanted to "sort myself out", to "find out what's wrong with me", to "find the answers to this endless suffering", and I thought that what was required lay entirely in the realm of the emotions and the mind.

Well, as my journey unfolded, I slowly discovered that I was actually on a spiritual quest, the "journey of journeys" that each and every one of us is destined to come to eventually. And, I discovered that all true healing is above all a spiritual process.

From very early on in my quest for my personal healing, I was drawn to the use of energy medicines, in my case homeopathy and flower essences. I would like to share with you some of the discoveries I have made regarding the use of these therapies on my spiritual journey..............

A basic core function of all "therapy", especially in the early stages of one's healing journey, is in assistance in releasing the past. By holding on to old energies, old programming, and old patterns, we deny ourselves from fully experiencing the present moment: from being fully present in the here and now. Most of us spend most of our time locked into the past: re-running old movies of what happened many years ago; stuck in our own personal time-warps, unable to break free of old patterns.

Each of us has our own personal unique library of old movies that we constantly play to our audience of one. We re-live these old stories over and over, re-experiencing the emotional and mental energies again and again. Every time we re-experience an old energy from the past there is an opportunity to let it go, to release it for ever: this is the process of true healing.

But, for most of us, most of the time, the process of letting go of these old energies is painfully slow. In order to fully release something, we have to be willing to fully re-experience it. But, often, we resist fully re-experiencing it because of our fear of the pain that we associate with the experience. So, we remain stuck in our personal time-warp of old emotional and mental patterns.

This is where an "energy medicine therapy" like flower essences, gem essences, crystals, aura soma, colour therapy or homeopathy can help. The energies provided to us by the energy medicine help us to more easily re-experience the old emotional energy and release it.

My earliest experience of the use of energy medicine to help me release my "stuff" from the past was in mixtures of flower essences. I was prescribed a mixture of essences, one bottle at a time, which I would take four times a day for three weeks. The essence mixture was diagnosed intuitively (with a pendulum), and the energies of the essences matched whatever of my unhealed energies were closest to the surface at the time. Working this way, it is not necessary to consciously know what the actual issues are.

This "single bottle at a time" form of therapy is the traditional way that most energy medicine therapists work, and it works well, having helped millions of people all over the world. However, it is not the only way...........

It is possible to process one's stuff much faster by treating individually each of the unresolved issues that one is facing. Let's look at an example.

Let's say that I have four major issues that are presently causing me much pain and frustration. Let's define these as follows:

(1) Abundance. Although I earn a reasonable salary, I always seem to be short of money.

(2) Relationships. None of my past romantic type relationships were what I would call satisfactory, and I am currently on my own and feeling stuck, unable to manifest a loving relationship with a compatible woman.

(3) My life's work and purpose. Although I enjoy my current job, I know that it is not my true vocation. I have a vague awareness that there is something really important that is my true life's calling, that this true calling will be very satisfying, and that I will be very good at whatever it is. But, I feel stuck, in that I cannot seem to make any progress towards discovering what this true calling is.

(4) My self-confidence and self-esteem. I am aware that I always somehow manage to "shoot myself in my foot". I snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
My sense of self-worth is very fragile: it only takes a small set-back and I run for cover.

Rather than having one single mixture of my energy medicine to cover all of the above, I can have a separate mixture (ie. a separate bottle) for each issue. If my chosen therapy is flower essences, I would have four bottles of essence mixtures, one labeled "Abundance", one labeled "Relationships", one labeled "Life's Purpose", and one labeled "Self Issues".

I would be working deeply on all of the four issues simultaneously.

Let's say that I am to take each of the essence mixtures five times per day for fourteen days. At five times during the day, at times spread evenly throughout the day, I would pause for a few moments. I would mentally focus for a moment on "abundance", my first issue. While holding my mental focus on abundance, I would take a dose from the "Abundance" bottle. I would wait for the energy of the abundance mixture to be absorbed (approx. 15 to 20 seconds), then I would shift my mental focus to the next issue, relationships, and take a dose from the "Relationships" bottle. And so on, for the other two issues, or as many as I am working on at the moment.

Using this technique, I have personally, at times when I have been processing many issues, had up to two dozen bottles of flower essences to take, five or six times a day! I do not recommend this many for anyone! Using the latest generation of essences that is now available, I have found that one or two bottles at a time is sufficient, and that the essences in these one or two bottles (of the latest generation of essences) cover all the issues.

For the more complex issues, an ongoing series of treatments, with a series of mixtures for each issue, will be needed. Our unresolved issues actually have layers of energy, and we have to peel off one layer at a time, like peeling an onion. Some issues may take years, eg. it took me several years to totally resolve all of my issues with relationships. Many times during that particular journey it felt like I would never finish, never be totally free of all that pain; that any hope of final resolution was a cruel illusion! Well, I can now say that the journey is not endless, and the rewards of being brave enough to undertake the journey and face and exorcise one's demons are immeasurable.

The above was originally published in the March 2000 issue of the New Zealand magazine “Inspiration Input” under the title  “Spiritual Therapy using Energy Medicines”.

For examples of flower essences that will help with the “issues” mentioned above, refer to our Practitioner's Set of essences.

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