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Using Flower Essences for Releasing the Past

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Part Four
Our “time machine” for healing the past....

Those of you who have been following my writings about using energy medicines for spiritual therapy will recall the analogy of the ball of coloured string. It's like all of the thousands (more like millions, for most of us) of unresolved issues from the past are represented by a huge ball of coloured string, with all of the pieces of string hopelessly entangled. This is an over-simplification, however it will do as a working model for now. If you have copies of the back-issues of "Input", I would suggest that you review my earlier articles now before reading on.

Every time that we resolve an unresolved issue from our past, we dissolve one or more of these pieces of coloured string. There are many therapies that can help us in dissolving these complex energy patterns of our baggage from the past. With energy medicines like flower essences, if the energy of the energy medicine is a close enough match to the energy of the unresolved issue, the two energies combine together to produce a resolution.

The issues that we are representing as pieces of coloured string, you can think of them as little threads of energy, are the legacy of all of our experiences from the past that we did not fully accept and integrate at the time. We stored them away, waiting for the day when we would be ready to deal with them. It's like we added them to this big suitcase that we carry around with us, and some of us have a very large suitcase!

We have been collecting these little threads of energy and stuffing them away in our suitcase all through our life. However, if we look closely, we may notice that some of the threads of energy (coloured string) actually originate not from this life we are currently living, but from another time in another place.

How does this actually work? To totally do justice to past lives, would require a whole book, and many such books have been written.

As far as most of us can tell, it makes no difference whether the unresolved issue originated from some time in the past of our present life, or from some past life. The energy that we experience as a result of carrying around the unresolved issue (the piece of coloured string in our suitcase) feels much the same either way. It is emotional energy, and we experience it through our emotions, although in a lot of cases it also manifests as symptoms in our physical body and in our mind.

How does it all work, this carrying forward from lifetime to lifetime of unresolved issues? The actual reality is very complex, and there have been many attempts to simplify it. There is a lot of confusion, and mis-information.

I will attempt to summarise my understanding of past lives.....

The workings of “karma” from past lives is not to punish us for our past wrong-doing!  Unresolved energy that originated in past lives is just unresolved energy.
It's like, when the original incident occurred, not all of the energy was able to be totally balanced. So, the unbalanced portion had to go somewhere, and it was bundled up and stored.

At the end of each life, there is a process that occurs where all of our unbalanced energy from that life is integrated into the sum total of our stored unbalanced energy from all former lives. This stored energy is known as our karmic energy, usually referred to as our "Karma". How this storage is done is way beyond the scope of this article. This unresolved energy from all of our past lives is stored away, and a commonly held belief is that this energy is stored in our “causal body”.

Once we begin a new life, all of our stored energy of our unresolved issues from all of our previous lives is not immediately activated and placed into our suitcase of unresolved baggage that we carry around with us. Most of it remains non-activated, in “cold storage”, locked away in our causal body so that we are not affected by it.

As we go about our business, our stored karmic energy is gradually brought out from “cold storage” and activated. It's like it is added into the suitcase that we carry around with us. There is some mysterious process that controls this activating of past-life issues. Very often, the process is triggered off by a situation that we are faced with in our present-day life. It's like there is some higher intelligence guiding and controlling the process.

We are going about our day-to-day business, and we encounter a circumstance in our life where our higher intelligence (some people call this intelligence our “Higher Self”), sees an opportunity to resolve some of our unbalanced karmic energy. So, the appropriate unbalanced energies are transferred from “cold storage” and placed into our suitcase (or, they appear in our ball of coloured string, entangled in with all the rest of our unresolved issues.)

Sometimes, it is the meeting and interacting with a person who we have known before in another life that will trigger off the process of some of our karmic energy being activated. Maybe we experienced some conflict with that person in another life, and the issues were not totally resolved. Our higher intelligence recognises this person, and sees an opportunity to resolve this old issue.

These unresolved issues are opportunities for learning and growth, they are never punishment for past wrong-doing. In fact, it is my belief that there is actually no such thing as “sin” as defined by most religions, and no judgment nor punishment for these “sins”. The concept of “sin” as we know it was invented by priests for reasons of power and control.

I have been told that the original meaning of the word “sin” was “wrongful thinking”, not the wicked naughtiness that we have been conditioned to believe it to be. So, it is the result of our past “wrongful”, or mistaken, or misinformed, thinking that has resulted in our accumulating a load of unbalanced energies.

I like to think of my own load of unbalanced energies as being my load of precious gems. Each one of them represents an opportunity for learning and wisdom,
once I have fully accepted and resolved them. You know, we learn from all of our experiences, both the ones that we label as “good” and the ones that we label as “bad”. In fact, it is by our mistakes that we learn the most, just like a small child attempts many times to learn to walk and many times falls over. Our unbalanced energies from our past represent opportunities for us to learn new lessons, and every lesson learnt is a triumph as we continue on our journey of gathering experience and wisdom.

Concerning the nature of past lives, reincarnation, etc. As I understand it, my own personality has not lived before. This present personality, this “Peter” that is presently living in New Zealand in the year 2000, has never lived before. I was not the same personality as the Roman tax collector, nor was I, Peter, the South American tribesman in the 6th century. Each time we are re-born, it is a fresh opportunity, with a totally new personality.

However, there is a part of us that is immortal, some would call this the “Higher Self”. This immortal part of me was there , inside the Roman tax collector, and inside the South American tribesman. It is this immortal part of me that continues on from lifetime to lifetime, accumulating experience and wisdom. And, it is this part of me that will, one day, leave Earth for good and go on to a future destiny elsewhere.

Anyway, let's say that you have a big unresolved issue in your life, and that underlying this issue there is unresolved past-life energy. In terms of our ball of coloured string analogy, there will be many threads of string representing the various component parts of the issue, all tangled up in your ball. Some of these threads will be the unbalanced karmic energy that originated in past lives, and some of it will be from similar and related issues from this life.

If you were to consult a flower essence therapist for help in resolving this issue,
the therapist would diagnose a mixture (or maybe several mixtures) of essences. The diagnosis would be done intuitively, with no need for your conscious mind to know the exact details of the issues. The essences would be all mixed together in a bottle, and you would take a dose several times per day for, say, two weeks.

If the issue was really major, you might need a series of several treatments, over a period of some months. What would happen would be that as you went about your daily life, the processes that we all use every day for resolving unresolved issues would be working. The energies of the flower essences would be assisting these natural healing processes. You can think of it as if the energies of the essences are dissolving the energies of the pieces of string, but it is really you who is dissolving the string; the essences are just assisting you in the process that you do naturally all of the time.

(Remember my other analogy, in Part One of this Series, of the car engine, where you are the engine, the unresolved emotional energy is the petrol and oil, and the essences are the additives that we can add to the oil and petrol to assist the process.)

With past-life therapy, the question will come up as to what are the details of what happened in the life or lives where the unresolved issues originated. My experience is that it is usually not really necessary to consciously know these details. If awareness comes, that's fine, if it does not, that's O.K. too. If you feel a need to consult someone who specializes in past-life readings, that's fine too. There is no absolute rule as to whether it is beneficial to know the details or not.

The unresolved energy can be released without the conscious mind needing to know the details. The healing takes place mainly at a deep subconscious level.

My own experience, when working with clients, is that if there is something that the person needs to know, and the best way for them to obtain these details is through me, then I will be made aware of this, and I will be given whatever details they need to know. It always seems to work out this way.

I have used this flower essence process many, many times, both for myself and for others, and it always works. The later generations of flower essences, like the “New Millennium” essences, are especially powerful for assisting in resolving complex past life energies.

Note that the energy medicine is not like a “magic bullet” that makes the issue go away. In fact, there is no such thing as a “magic bullet”, neither in natural medicine nor in drug therapy. The job that any effective therapy does is to assist the person in the natural process of resolving the issue so that the learning and wisdom can be integrated. This is why it is true that all true healing is self-healing. No-one can heal anyone other than themselves, and all any therapist or healer can ever do is to help facilitate the healing process.

You know, years ago when I was reading a lot of science fiction, my favourite stories were the stories about time travel. The hero would travel back in time to correct mistakes that had been made some time in the past. Like in the movie “Back to the Future”.  I used to dream of being able to do this, to maybe go back into my own past, or the past of my ancestors, and correct wrong decisions that had been made that were affecting me in the present.

Well, little did I know it, but we all do have a built-in ability to travel through time. Not in the physical literal sense like in the science fiction stories, but we can correct the “mistakes” of the past. We can heal the past, right now in the present. All it takes is the willingness to do it. This is what all therapy does: we heal the past, right now in the present.

For there really is no past anyway, it is all happening right now. So, while it is true that my present-life personality, the “Me” that is Peter in the year 2000, is not the same personality as the Roman tax collector in the first century A.D., in another sense I am all of the lives that my inner Self (my Higher Self) is living right now, and I can heal anything in any of them, right now.

All the best to you, on your healing journey.

Reading suggestion:  “Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul”, by Jane Roberts.  Also the “Oversoul Seven” books by Jane Roberts.  These books are not for the beginner, but they contain a wealth of material for anyone really serious about their spiritual journey.

The above was originally published in the August 2000 issue of the New Zealand magazine “Inspiration Input” under the title  “Spiritual Therapy using Energy Medicines”.

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The End

(Unless I decide to follow this up by writing another part)

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