Serendipity Rose, the essence for complete protection

Energetic Protection Flower Essences Set

Our set of ten Flower Essences for the protection from, and release of, negative and malevolent energies......

Violet Creeper, for dealing with nasty, gross energies. Click for large picture Negative Energies Transmute     Violet Creeper
The essence for help with dealing with really gross, horrible, invasive types of negative energies, of the type that attach themselves to sensitive people in places like shopping malls, supermarkets, etc. These nasty energies result from the accumulation of the intense negative emotions of many of the people who visit these places, and they aggregate together into very solid, low-vibrational type energies. These energies can sometimes be a major cause of illnesses such as migraine headaches, chronic fatigue, etc. This essence is for helping to release such nasties from a person's energy field.
This flower essence is also supplied as part of the Core Issues Practitioner's Set.

Large Cactus, recovery from negative energy experiences. Click for large picture Energy Rebalancing     Large Cactus
For help with rebalancing one's energy, after a major incident or negative experience. For when a person's energy has been knocked totally off-balance, or flattened, by a really heavy-duty type of negative experience, including an attack by low-vibrational negative energies of the type that often hang around in shopping malls and supermarkets, etc. This is the essence for help with recovery after the negative energy has been dealt with. For help with the releasing of the actual energy, see the Violet Creeper essence.
This flower essence is also supplied as part of the Core Issues Practitioner's Set.

Pink Anemone, for our belief that we can be affected by negativity. Click for large picture Illusion of Negative Energy     Pink Anemone
A flower essence to help us to come to the full realization that, as perfect God-Self beings, we cannot possibly be in any way affected by so-called “negative energies” that originate from outside ourselves. This essence helps us to resolve whatever reasons are blocking this realization, and also to release whatever it is that is holding us in a pattern of being able to be thus affected.
This flower essence is also supplied as part of the Core Issues Practitioner's Set.

Kiskadee Rose, for body energy kickstart. Click for large picture Body Energy Kickstart     Kiskadee Rose
A flower essence for helping the body to give itself a good solid “energy kick-start”, somewhat like (in computer terms) a “re-boot”. Sometimes, after a period when the body has had to undergo many changes and make many rebalancing adjustments, the sheer number of changes and adjustments, piled on top of each other, can lead to a situation where things just are not quite working as well as they should. This flower essence is to help initiate a process that could be thought of as a “starting over from the beginning”, which will, when completed, allow the body to re-order itself into a more efficient and holistic unit.
This flower essence is also supplied as part of the Core Issues Practitioner's Set and the Advanced Energy Anatomy Set.

Serendipity Rose, for protection from manevolent energetic attack. Click for details Energetic Protection     Serendipity Rose
An essence for protection from manevolent energetic attack to a person's energy system or body, from any hostile, negative source. Includes protection from attack from the so-called “dark forces”, and entities from the astral plane, etc. Works in a New Energy way, ie. non-dualistic, to make it impossible for the attacker to latch onto the target, as the attacker will always be dualistic, representing the dark side of duality, and the essence renders the target non-dualistic, so there is nothing to hook into.

Warszawska Nike Clematis, the flower essence for negative energy. Click for details Negative Energy     Warszawska Nike Clematis
The flower essence for helping the body to release all forms of negative and emotional energy. Includes energy that is picked up from other people, from the environment, from sources like TV, violent movies, video games, etc. Also includes help with negative energies of a more extreme and invasive nature, including hexes, curses, etc.
This flower essence is also supplied as part of the New Generation Alchemy Practitioner's Set.

Pepper Tree, the flower essence for negative thought forms. Click to see details Negative Thought Forms     Pepper Tree
The flower essence for helping a person to release from their body and their energy field, all forms of negative thought forms, energetic blocks held in the body, and other energetic entities including memes, etc. (Memes are “viruses of the mind”.)
This flower essence is also supplied as part of the New Generation Alchemy Practitioner's Set.

Warrior Rose, for cleansing, repairing and debugging the aura. Click for details Aura Cleanse & Repair and Debugger     Warrior Rose
An essence that cleanses and repairs the human energy field, the “aura”, and also debugs any foreign entities and energies. This essence is the culmination of many years work on this issue. It works on many levels, and is especially good at removing difficult energies and entities.

Amber Queen Rose, the Stability flower essence. Click for details Stability     Amber Queen Rose
The flower essence for stability, on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. This essence provides energies that help hold the person rock-steady while healing takes place, alleviating the effects of any healing crisis or similar reaction. Used in a blend with other essences, this essence allows the use of very powerful essence blends that would otherwise be too powerful and would knock the person too far off-balance. This essence prevents this, thus allowing healing to take place at a much faster pace. It is also an all-round general-purpose “stability” essence, to be used in any circumstances where stability is needed.

Master Linkage     Giant Redwood Tree, with Creeper
Giant Redwood Tree with creeper, the "master linkage" essence. Click for details The master linkage essence, for connecting together the healing energies of combinations of the New Generation Alchemy Essences and Core Issues Essences. This essence is used in all mixtures of our “New Generation Alchemy Essences”, and it provides energies to connect together the various healing energies of these very advanced essences, into one synergistic whole. Could be said to be “the glue” that holds all of the various energies together.
This Master Linkage Essence is supplied as standard in all of our “New Generation Alchemy” and “Core Issues” Essence Sets.

The above ten Flower Essences are available as our  “Energetic Protection Set”.
You can order the essences individually, or purchase them as a complete boxed set.

All of these Flower Essences are supplied at stock strength, in the “industry-standard” type brown glass bottles with glass droppers, in 10 ml size (one third of an American fluid ounce).  For an explanation of what “stock strength” means, please read this explanation in our F.A.Q's section.

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