Babies Body Integration Stone Essence - helping the baby integrate into its new body.  Click for a healing with a large photo.

Babies Body Integration
Stone Essence


For babies who have just been born, to help
them integrate into their new physical body.

(Like a higher vibration of the Dr Bach Star
of Bethlehem.)

Can be used up to one year old, and can also
be given as part of a “birthing mix”, for helping
both mother and baby in the birthing process.

Babies Body Integration Stone Essence - integrating the baby into its body. A stone essence, made with a small white stone, found on the beach at Westport, on the west coast of the South Island of New Zealand, 14 September, 2000.

There is a story to the finding of this stone. On this day, 14 February 2000, I was in Nelson, which is a town at the northern end New Zealand's South Island, and I was about to depart to drive down the west coast on a trip that would include the making of a number of new flower essences and stone essences.

Just before departing, I just happened to bump into some friends on the street in Nelson, a couple with a young six-month-old baby daughter. They had just arrived in Nelson, having driven up the same road that I was about to drive down, and they were rather upset, because they had inadvertently left a large plastic bucket of their baby's nappies on a beach that they had stopped at in Westport, a town that is about three hour's drive down the coast from Nelson. (Note: in New Zealand, we use the English word “nappy”, rather than the American word “diaper”).

As I would be driving past Westport, I offered to go to the beach and retrieve the bucket for them, and they drew me a map of exactly where they had left it.

When I arrived at the beach, about three hours later, the bucket of nappies was exactly where they had left it, and I retrieved it and, a few days later, returned it to them, with all the nappies washed and dried.  (They had been soaking in water in the bucket).

While there on the beach, something made me walk a short distance up the beach, and there, just a few steps away from where they had left the bucket, I found a small tree stump, with several stones neatly laid out on it, as if a child had been playing with the stones.

As soon as I saw the stones neatly laid out on the tree stump, the words “child's altar” leapt into my mind, and I had a profound feeling of sacredness, and a vision of a young child having been guided to place them there.  One of the stones really grabbed my attention, and I picked it up and replaced it with another one that I found lying nearby.

And, yes, it is this stone that is the “Babies Body Integration” stone, that this essence was made with, two days later, 16 February 2000, it was made sitting on top of the pancake rocks at Punakaiki, with the the wild energy of the surf pounding against the rocks.

So, there it is......  a lovely little story of a good turn being rewarded by the finding of a gift, and the circle being completed by the offering of this gift to all babies whose parents may be drawn to learn of it and accept it.

Babies Body Integration Stone Essence - help for a baby as it settles into its new body.
Main Super-Essence:       Young Babies

Other Super-Essences:   None

Principal Category:          Misc.

Other Categories:            None


      “I accept this gift on behalf of my child, and pass
        it on to her/him to help facilitate his/her process
        of integration into her/his body.”

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