Bermuda Buttercup flower essence - The "sweetness of God Within"  Click to have a healing with a large photo.

Bermuda Buttercup
Flower Essence

Oxalis per-caprae


To reconnect us with the sweetness
of God within.

For people on the journey, struggling to
find the Light, ie. God.

Restores the feeling of  “Being at Home” in life.

Helps the illusion of struggle to fall away,
strengthening the “I Am” presence within.

For Feng Shui Land Healing:

Balancing the energetic legacy of there having been people
on the land. This energy from the people who have been
here in the past is part of the “character” of the land, and
this essence helps bring these energies into a state of balance
and harmony.

Bermuda Buttercup flower essence - Letting the illusion of struggle fall away. A flower essence, made 27 August 1999, from Bermuda Buttercup plants growing as weeds in the garden of the cottage at Raumati South where I lived over the winter and spring of 1999.

This is the only flower essence that I made from this garden.
Over this period of living by the beach at Raumati South, lots of “sea essences” were made from stones and small pieces of driftwood found on the beach.  Examples of these are Wisdom Remembered and Star Wisdom.   Most of these essences are of a “spiritual” nature. 

I love this Bermuda Buttercup essence. The words “sweetness of God within” give me a lovely warm feeling.  I see this essence as being a member of a group of essences whose purpose is to help us
strengthen our connection with God and the Divine, and to help us
heal whatever blocks we may have to the full realisation of our own

Others essences in this group of essences for healing our split from
our own Divinity and connection with our God-Self within are
Perpetual Spinach, Pumpkin, Cream Rose, Periwinkle, Yarrow and

Bermuda Buttercup flower essence  -  Strengthening the "I Am" presence within.
Main Super-Essence:        Divine Connection

Other Super-Essences:    Land Balancing

Principal Category:          Spiritual

Other Categories:             Feng Shui Land Healing
                                            E.E.A.  (Earth Energy Alignment)


      “I let go of my resistance to my Inner Self, and I
        come Home to feeling the sweetness of my God Within.”

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