Broom flower essence - The co-dependency essence. Click to have a healing with a big photo.

Flower Essence

Cystisus scoparius


The “rescuer’s” essence. “Good old dependable.”

Always available with a shoulder to cry on.

But who is giving a shoulder to you?
No-one, because you won’t allow yourself to be vulnerable.

For rescuers who are ready to transform into helpers.

Broom flower essence - "Good old dependable." A flower essence, made 16 November 1996, from broom bushes growing in an area of bush in Mornington, Wellington, near where I was living.

Broom is a lovely sight when in full flower, in my opinion. In New Zealand, broom is regarded to be a noxious plant, much like the gorse, and, like gorse, broom is often sprayed with herbicide by farmers.  But, like the gorse, broom has provided us with a very useful flower essence.

There is another co-dependence essence in the New Millennium range, Parahebe.  The Parahebe essence, however, is for co-dependence in general, whereas the Broom is specific for the “rescuer” type of person.

See also the Duet Rose flower essence, for issues of relationship

Broom flower essence - Transforming rescuers into helpers.
Main Super-Essence:       Co-dependence

Other Super-Essences:   None
Principal Category:           Addiction

Other Categories:             None


      “I release my need to play the rescuer’s role,
        and all my relationships are now healthy.”

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