Cabbage Tree flower essence - The prosperity essence. Click to receive a healing with a large photo.

Cabbage Tree
Flower Essence


To hold the truth of prosperity.

To help let go of the blocks that prevent us
from totally knowing that we have eternal access
to Divine Abundance.

(Like - there is nothing to want, we already have it.)
Cabbage Tree flower essence - Holding the truth of prosperity.

A flower essence, made 15 September, 2000, from cabbage trees at Punakaiki, on the West Coast of the South Island.

Punakaiki is a very special place.

In this little valley, it is reputed that human blood has never been spilt in warfare.

Certainly, it felt special to me, with a very powerful energy, during my visit there in September, 2000. I made a number of essences there, over several days, and all of them hold key positions in the overall energy of the New Millennium essences.

Note that this Cabbage Tree flower essence is not the same as the Cabbage Tree essence that is part of the “New Perception of New Zealand” flower essences set made by the late Mary Garbely.  This New Millennium Cabbage Tree is totally different.

Main Super-Essence:       Abundance

Other Super-Essences:   Inner Supply

Principal Category:          Spiritual

Other Categories:             New Zealand Native Plants


      “I now come into my complete, divine access
        to my total prosperity and abundance.”

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