Red Camellia flower essence - for hormonal balance health issues. Click to have a healing with a large photo.

Red Camellia
Flower Essence


The flower essence of hormonal balance, for
women and for men, also for all mammals.

Helps with all of the factors in the body that
influence hormonal balance, and also helps
facilitate the resolution of underlying emotional
and mental issues that are the causative agents
driving the imbalance, especially when used in
combination with other essences that are specific
to the emotional and mental issues.

Red Camellia - the hormonal balancing flower essence. A flower essence, made 14 July 2002, from the flowers of a Red Camellia bush growing in the garden at the Broadgreen historic house, Stoke, Nelson.

This flower essence is the culmination of several year's work on the issue of hormonal balance for both women and men. It is like this Red Camellia plant has picked up on the totality of the energy of all of the aspects of the issue of human hormonal balance (and imbalance), that I had been working on, and has provided a comprehensive healing energy, through its flowers.

This process of Nature providing this service to humanity is the same process that is the driving force behind all forms of “healing” of the type where assistance of this type is given by Nature. This includes all flower essences, all herbal remedies, homeopathic remedies, homeobotanicals, Aromatherapy essential
oils, to name a few.

The process that I used in finding this particular plant, this Red
Camellia, and discovering what it is for, is exactly the same process
that was followed by Dr Edward Bach when he found each of the
thirty-eight of the Bach Flowers, and it is the same process that has
been followed by every person who has made flower essences since
the time of Dr Bach, and by every herbalist and every person who
has made a new homeopathic remedy.  It is also the same process
that is followed by all indigenous peoples as they develop their tribal
healing methods and natural remedies.

This process is largely intuitive, in that the logical, intellectual mind
could not on its own successfully undertake this process. The intellect
has its part to play in the process, of course, to provide the structure,
the recall of knowledge, and the conscious thought framework, to
facilitate the results for the process to be useful. But it is the intuitive
part of the mind, centered in the right side of the brain, that is the
driving force of the process.

This process is so certain, so accurate, that it always works at one
hundred percent efficiency and accuracy. For example, with this Red
Camellia flower essence, there is no doubt that it is definitely for
“hormonal balance”. There is no need for time-consuming, expensive
“trails”, as are needed in the development of new pharmacutical drugs.
Certainly, a natural health remedy will be “trialed” by it's maker in a
clinical setting, by trying it out on people who need help with this
particular issue, and noting how well it works in helping them, but
exhaustive and expensive large-scale trials of the “double-blind”
variety are neither needed nor appropriate.

While this Red Camellia flower essence can be used very effectively on
its own, it can also be used in combination with the Jean Ducher Rose
flower essence, which is for female health issues, or with the Orange
flower essence, which is for male health issues. It is also a
component essence of both the Female Health Super-Essence, and the
Male Health Super-Essence.

Red Camellia Flower Essence - healthy hormones for women and for men.
Main Super-Essences:     Female Health
                                            Male Health

Other Super-Essences:   None
Principal Category:          Women's Issues

Other Categories:             Medical


      “I now ask my body to use its inherent wisdom
        to bring its hormones into balance and harmony.”

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