Canadian Fleabane flower essence - the essence for grief and mourning. Click to have a healing with a large photo.

Canadian Fleabane
Flower Essence

Conyza canadensis


Feeling empty. Laughter has gone out of one’s life.

To bring back the laughter - feeling jolly again.

A grief essence - bereavement, some time ago.
It's time to put the black clothes away and move
back into life (going over time).

“To help the transition back into the world,
 when the mourning period is over.”

To help a person move back into the world,
when they have experienced a loss.

Can be any loss (eg. a burglary, a limb.)

Canadian Fleabane flower essence - It's time to put away the black clothes A flower essence, made 10 February, 1999, from Canadian Fleabane weeds growing on the road-side near Rathehi, north of Wanganui.

This is the principle grief essence in the New Millennium essences. It is for grief from any type of a loss (or perceived loss).

Note, however, that this essence is for use some time after the loss, for help in the recovery and the resolving of the issues from the past loss.

It is not for helping to deal with the trauma at the time that it happens. For support at or near the time of the trauma, use essences like Potato Vine, Echium, ToeToe, Yellow Flower Bush, and Marguerite Daisy, and the Super-Essences that contain these

Also, for support in helping a person get through trauma of any type,
use the New Millennium Everyday Emergency essence mixture.

Canadian Fleabane flower essence - bringing back the laughter and feeling jolly again
Main Super-Essence:       Mourning and Grieving

Other Super-Essences:   None

Principal Category:          Trauma

Other Categories:             None


      “I bless all that has happened, and I now move on
        with confidence and hope, and with joy in my heart.”

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