Small Red Dahlia flower essence - It's time to grow up into adult-hood. Click to have a healing with a large photo.

Small Red Dahlia

Flower Essence


It's time to grow up into adult-hood.

An essence to assist in the process of transforming
oneself from the state of childhood (especially emotional
and spiritual childhood) that all of humanity is stuck in.

“It is time to finally grow up”.

This essence assists us in this process, including the
taking on of the responsibilities of true adult-hood,
especially as we move fully into the “New Reality”.

Small Red Dahlia flower essence - Time to leave childhood behind and to grow up. A flower essence, made 18th April 2002, from small red dahlias in the garden at Fairfield House, Nelson.

This essence is one of the many powerful new flower essences that were discovered during the two months that Vanda and I travelled all over the South Island of New Zealand, on our journey of healing and discovery.

Fairfield House, in Nelson, is a lovely old historic house that has been restored and made into a venue where many workshops and seminars are held, including many workshops where people work in-depth on healing the issues that may be holding them back.

As soon as I saw this small red dahlia flower, my reaction was
“Oh, you are just a baby! Wait a moment..... that is what you are for!
  For helping us to grow up from baby-hood into adult-hood.”

In the weeks prior to finding this flower, I had been very much aware
of my own issues relating to my need to grow up and take full
responsibility for myself. I had been going through a difficult time
regarding my relationship with my parents, and had just returned
from a visit to them where the issues had really come to a head.

As is always the case, this process that I was going through resulted
in the “answer” appearing for me, in a form that is appropriate for me.
Because my personal specialty is in the making of flower essences,
the “answer” to many of life's “issues” comes to me in the form of
a new flower that embodies the energy needed to help facilitate the
healing of the issue.

This process never fails, because it follows the natural laws of the
universe. And, so it is thus for everybody..... the “answers” always
appear.  The exact form that the answer takes will be different for
different people, but the answer always comes.

Small Red Dahlia flower essence - Childhood's ending and the beginning of true adult-hood.
Main Super-Essence:      Adult-hood Emerging

Other Super-Essences:   None

Note that this essence is complete, in that to make the “Adult-hood
Emerging” Super-Essence, no other essences need to be added.

Principal Category:           New Reality

Other Categories:             Cultural


      “It is time for the caterpillar to transform into the
        butterfly, and to spread its wings and fly, fly, fly!”

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