Echium flower essence - for hopelessness, despair and giving up.  Click on this picture to go to a large picture for a healing from Echium.

Flower Essence

Echium fastuosum


Hopelessness and despair, giving up.

The blue flowers, like the blue sky,
are full of promise.

Buoyed up with hope and life.

Echium flower essence - Full of promise, like the blue flowers. A flower essence, made 18 October, 1998, from the flowers
on an Echium bush at the property of my friend Bernadine,
at Otaihunga, Paraparaumu, on the Kapiti coast north
of Wellington.

This was my first visit to Bernadine's place, and on this day
I made several essences, including Chrysanthemum,
which has a similar definition to the Echium.

But it is the Echium that is for the real deep despair and
hopelessness; whereas the Chrysanthemum has a lighter
energy, the energy of helplessness and the sun going down
on one, but not as heavy as the Echium.

I have found, over the past eighteen months, that I have
used the Echium essence many times. In fact, it is the
standard New Millennium essence for most cases of despair:
a key trauma essence  (alongside the Red Flowered Gum,
the Pink Verbena, and the Pink Cyclamen), that every
practitioner will have recourse to repeatedly.

Regarding the photographs of Echium. The original photos
were lost when the film jammed in my camera, and all the
photos were lost.  When I went back a year later
hoping to photograph the Echium in bloom, the Echium
bush had died over the winter.  So, until recently,
there were no photos of Echium on this page.

However, while visiting Sumner Beach, Christchurch,
on 30th September 2002, I noticed there were lots of
lovely Echium plants with large vibrant flowers, right
beside the beach.  I grabbed my camera, and these
lovely photographs are the result.

To see some more lovely photos of Echium, look at this page
on the Rosa Rosam website of photographer Jocelen Janon,
of Auckland, New Zealand.

Echium flower essence - Bouyed up and full of hope.
Main Super-Essence:       Depression

Other Super-Essences:   Recovery - Emotional
                                            Smoking Addiction
                                            Black Hole
                                            Rescue Trauma - Emotional

Principal Category:          Trauma

Other Categories:             Legacy of War


      “I look to the vast blue sky and allow my spirits to soar.”

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