Gorse flower essence - No good, not wanted, useless. Click to see large photo of gorse for healing.

Flower Essence

Ulex europaeus


For non-acceptance of self,

“I'm no good, not wanted, useless.”

“I accept myself, just as I am.”

“Self respect comes from within me.”

Gives a nurturing parent energy to the child within
who grew up in an emotionally barren wasteland.

For Feng Shui Land Healing:

Healing the energetic legacy left by past uses of the land.
Where humans have used the land in ways that have caused
damage, for example by innappropriate land use in farming
where too many animals, or unsuitable types of animals,
or crops, have been farmed. Also for healing the legacy left
by the use of artificial fertilisers, pesticides, etc.

Gorse flower essence - The nurturing parent energy for the child from the emotionally barren wasteland. A flower essence, made 5 May, 1996, from the flowers of a small gorse bush clinging precariously to a bank in Mornington, Wellington.

Made again 28 October, 1998, from flowers from the gorse bushes on the “sacred hill” on Mt. Kaukau.  See the Pounamu
gem essence and the Plantain flower essence, for more about
the Mt. KauKau “sacred place”.

The energy of the two versions of the Gorse essence are virtually identical, but the Mt. Kaukau one has superseded the earlier one, as it is a slight improvement.

The gorse bush fills a unique role in New Zealand, totally different to its role in all other countries of the world. For many, many years gorse was probably the most despised plant in New Zealand.

Hardly surprising then, that the essence definition includes “I'm no good,
not wanted, useless.” This is how the plant must have felt about itself for
all those years. And how unfair, as to me it seems that the real problem
was not the gorse, but the people who burnt off the original native forest
in their vain attempt to transform our country into a replica of England,
with sheep grazing on every hill.

But recently, there has been somewhat of a change in our attitude to gorse.
There is now recognition that gorse is actually a valuable nursery plant for
forestry. So instead of poisoning, slashing and burning the gorse, there is
now a policy of planting the pine trees in with the gorse: the gorse then
provides protection to the young pines in their early years, until the pines
eventually grow higher than the gorse and the gorse ultimately dies when it
is starved of light by the mature pines.

And so it is also that it is extremely appropriate that this gorse flower essence
also has its other use..... for healing the legacy of past inappropriate uses of
the land, as part of the Feng Shui Land Healing essence for Land Healing.

Just as the gorse bush has turned out to be a nurturer for the pine tree, the
Gorse Essence has proved to be extremely valuable in the nurturing treatment
of anyone who suffered emotional deprivation in their childhood. I used this
essence intensely for my own personal healing, and it worked extremely well
for me, and for many of my clients.

And, I also find it fascinating that the pine trees to which I refer above are the
same variety, Pinus radiata, as the pine tree from which our New Millennium
Pinus radiata flower essence is made.  Both of these plants, the gorse and the
Pinus radiata, have a unique place in our New Zealand heritage, as plants that
were imported here for a purpose, and, because of the very different conditions
here (both climate-wise and in the group consciousness of the people), they are
both a lot different than the same plants “back home” where they originated
from, the gorse from Britain and the Pinus radiata from North America.

Note:  Thanks to Rosemary for the awesome photographs of gorse.

Gorse flower essence - "I accept myself, just as I am".
Main Super-Essence:       Cleansing and Self-Worth

Other Super-Essences:   Childhood Trauma Recovery
                                            Women's Busy-ness
                                            Land Healing

Principal Category:          Trauma

Other Categories:             Feng Shui Land Healing


      “I accept myself, just as I am.”
      “Self-respect comes from within me.”

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