Naked Lady flower essence - Looking for the owner of the glass slipper.  Click to have a healing with a large photo.

Pink Naked Lady
Flower Essence

Colchicum autumnale


Looking for the owner of the glass slipper.

For people who have a picture of what they
want in a relationship and go around trying
it on for size. Looking for the person who will
fill the glass slipper.

Helps shift the belief in one's unworthiness,
and let go of the illusion of the perfect relationship.

To help come to the realisation that you will never
find the “perfect” match.

Longing to have a relationship, but seldom making
it happen.

Naked Lady flower essence - the illusion of the "perfect" relationship. A flower essence, made 29 March 1997, from flowers growing in the garden at the Anne Street, Wadestown, house.

The Naked Lady plant fascinates me. It has no leaves! The flowers are on the end of long stems, with absolutely no leaves anywhere on the plant, hence the name “naked”.

The flowers are really beautiful, and, in these photographs, they really do look like a delicate, fragile glass slipper!

The essences in the “relationship” category are a vital part of the New Millennium toolbox.   Essences like Spur Valerian, Piripiri, Bright Lights Beet, Mahoe and Wandering Jew are examples of this important category of essence.

And, this essence, along with Allysum, is a component essence in the “Romantic Illusion” Super-Essence.

See also the Valentine Heart Rose, which is for waking up to the
illusion of emotional attachment.

Thank-you to my friend Rosemary for the beautiful photographs.

Naked Lady flower essence - Recovering one's own self-worth
Main Super-Essence:       Romantic Illusion

Other Super-Essences:   None

Principal Category:          Relationship

Other Categories:            E.E.A.  (Earth Energy Alignment)


      “I now release my futile chase after the illusion of perfection,
        and I allow my own self-worthiness to shine forth and attract
        to me the real partner that I deserve.”

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