Peace Lily flower essence - Balancing the body from the effects of radiation. Click to go to big photo for a healing.

Peace Lily
Flower Essence



To help balance people's bodies and energy fields
where they have been exposed to radiation energy.

eg. Computers, clock-radios, digital watches, T.V., etc.,
any sort of electrical appliance.

Also for people undergoing radiation or chemotherapy
treatment for cancer.

NOTE: growing a Peace Lily beside a computer or T.V.
will help absorb some of the radiation.

For House Balancing (Feng Shui):
The essence for “calming” and harmonising the energy of the
house. Deals with the energetic legacy of discord and strife
that has occurred within the walls of the house in the past,
which has left an energetic imprint.  Balances and releases
this “battle energy”, bringing a sense of peace and harmony.

Peace Lily flower essence - Helping the body recover form radiation. Made 31 March, 1997, from a very large Peace Lily that resides in a pot in my lounge. Made again two years later, from the same plant, 19 March, 1999.

When I bought this Peace Lily, it felt rather extravagant, as it was quite expensive (I bought it when it was already quite large). But an inner voice was telling me that I must have this one.

Everyone in our society is constantly exposed to radiation and electromagnetic fields. Our body cells carry a legacy of damage from this, and this essence is a valuable tool in the repair of this damage.

This essence is often needed in essence mixes for physical illness
of many types: including tiredness and insomnia, chronic fatigue,
and all types of acute and chronic illness.

Note also the Peace Lily is the principal essence in the Feng Shui
House Energy “Transforming” Super-Essence.

Peace Lily flower essence - Restoring the body to a healthy balance.
Main Super-Essence:       Radiation Repair

Other Super-Essences:   Aura Repair
                                            Feng Shui “Transforming

Principal Category:          Misc.

Other Categories:             House Balancing  (Feng Shui)


      “I call on the light to neutralise the radiation
        in my body and in my aura.”

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