Pink Pumice Sea Essence. Grounding the love energy in the heart.  Click to have a healing with a large photo.

Pink Pumice
Sea Essence


Grounds the love energy in the heart.

For people who find it difficult to stay in their heart centre,
because they mistrust love.

A very gentle energy - androgynous (neither male nor female).

Works on several levels, on the physical heart, and also
emotionally and spiritually.

For House Balancing (Feng Shui):
To anchor the “heart energy” of the house.
Grounding the energy of the heart firmly in the house.

For Land Balancing:
To anchor the “heart energy” of the land.
Grounding the love-centered energy of the heart firmly
in the land, and integrating and balancing it with all of
the other aspects of the land's energy.

Pink Pumice Sea Essence - Grounding the love energy in one's heart. A sea essence, made 17 June, 1999, from a small piece of pink-colored pumice found on the beach at Raumati South. If I was to be banished to another planet, and was allowed to take only one essence with me, it would probably be this one.

I had been living in the little house opposite the Raumati South beach for about a month. I was renting a house for the winter of '99 while the house owner was overseas.

I happened to find an old issue of the "Rainbow Network" magazine, and an article on "Shell Essences" caught my eye. I immediately became aware that I was to make some shell essences (a shell essence is made in the same way as a gem essence, using a shell found on the beach).

Feeling very excited, I went over to the beach to look for shells.  I immediately found three shells ( Ostrich Foot, Cockle and Tuatua), but I also found three other treasures!  As well as the Pink Pumice, I also found the stone for the Quartz and Granite essence and the small piece of brick for the Brick essence.

Over the next few months, I was to find many more treasures on the Raumati South beach, but that's another story.....

Pink Pumice Sea Essence - Healing one's mistrust of love.
Main Super-Essence:       Nurturing

Other Super-Essences:   Communication
                                            Feng Shui “Aligning
                                            Land Restoring

Principal Category:           Ocean Therapy

Other Categories:            Spiritual
                                            Feng Shui Land Healing
                                            House Balancing  (Feng Shui)


      “I give myself permission to open my heart to love.”

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