Plantain flower essence - The sacred marriage of the inner masculine and feminine.    Click to have a healing with a large photo.

Flower Essence


To nourish the marriage of the inner
male and female, in people whose
marriage has already well and truly

Plantain flower essence - Nourishing and supporting the sacred inner marriage. A flower essence, made 6 November, 1999, on Mt. Kaukau, Wellington.

Around the time of late 1998 through to April, 1999, I had spent
a lot of time walking the tracks on Mt. Kaukau, and a number of flower essences were made there, and also the Pounamu gem essence, which fills a very special and unique role in the New Millennium essences.

There was a special place, what I called my “Sacred Hill”, where
I would sit in the sun with the flowers and water in the wine glass, and I would meditate or read while waiting for the essence to be made.

Or, sometimes, I would work on my own healing, as this time of my life was a time of very intensive personal growth and healing.

From April 1999, when I moved north to Raumati South, it was
not so convenient for me to spend time on Mt. Kaukau. I did however,
intend to return, in order to make an essence of the wild yarrow.

I had seen the yarrow in flower on Mt. Kaukau the previous summer, but
at that time the timing was not right to make the essence..... the energies
were not yet in alignment for the making of the yarrow essence.  So, I had
set the intent to return the following summer to make the yarrow essence.

So, on this day of 6th November, 1999, I returned, to keep my “appointment
with Nature”, to make the flower essence from the wild yarrow.

When I arrived, I found, much to my dismay, that the yarrow was not yet in
flower!  Following my initial disappointment, I thought “Oh well, it's really
nice to be back here, anyway, in my “Special Place”, sitting in the sun on my
“Sacred Hill”, I may as well enjoy my time here”.

I then became aware of another wild plant, another so-called “weed”..... like
it was calling out to me, telling me that it needed to be made into an essence,
only this plant was in flower and ready.  I looked around, and I saw, among
the wild grass and other “weeds”, hundreds of plantain plants, all of them in

So, my trip here, the drive down from the Kapiti Coast to Wellington, and the
climb up the track to the hill-top, carrying my essence-making equipment in
my little pack on my back (I was always well-organised for these little essence-
making “field trips”), was not just to spend a pleasant day meditating and
reading in the sunshine.

As it turned out, I never did return to Mt. Kaukau to make the wild yarrow
essence.  Circumstances intervened, and I ended up, later that summer, making
the Yarrow essence at another site.

So......  now that I have bored you with that little story......  let's talk about the
Plantain Essence itself, or, more specifically, let's have a few words on the subject
of the integration of our inner male and female energies......

I would like to quote one of my favourite passages from a book......

“...... but the man and the woman within us have become separated and exiled from
each other. Only if a man or a woman in this life, now, not after death, becomes
complete again, and attains the fullness of his or her former self in paradise, can he
or she experience eternity and the Kingdom. The separation of the inner man and
the inner woman is a sickness, a great wound. I, Christ, came to repair the separation
and to reunite the two and to restore life and health to those in danger of dying of this
sickness of the soul. And I do this through offering you rebirth.

“What is this rebirth? How is it to be achieved? The image of this rebirth is a marriage,
as I have told you before, the marriage between the inner woman and the inner man.
You must go down deep, down into the marriage chamber, and find the other part of
yourself that has been lost and missing for so long. Those who are reunited in the
marriage chamber will never be separated again. This is the restoration. This is the
resurrection. There are those who will say of me that I died first and then rose up, but
they are in error, for first I was resurrected and then I died. If you do not first attain
the resurrection then your souls will shrivel and die.

“We have lost the knowledge of the Mother. We do not fully know God if we drive
out this name of God. And so those who become restored and resurrected through this
baptism, through this rebirth in the marriage chamber, shall acquire not only the name of
the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit who is Sophia, but also the name of the
Mother who is earth, matter and soul married and indivisible.

“I have acquired this name, this fullness, and I have been taken from you. What matters
is that you too should acquire it, each one of you for yourself in the depths of yourself,
relying on no outside authority but that of God who wants to dwell in you. Celebrate the
marriage of body and spirit and become whole. This is what I meant when, at our last
supper together, I told you: he or she who shall not eat my flesh and drink my blood has
not life. What does that mean? It means that my flesh is the word and my blood is Sophia.
Receive the spirit and the word and you shall have food and drink and clothing and shall
not suffer want. And your souls shall know God and shall laugh and dance, freed from
the bondage of time and ignorance, released, in this life, into eternity.”

From the novel “The Wild Girl”, by Michele Roberts, paper-back edition published by
Vintage, a division of Random House, London.  The above quote is on pages 110 and 111,
and the context is of Mary Magdalene speaking to the disciples of Jesus, relaying to them
the message that Jesus gave to her when she met him in the garden immediately following
his resurrection.

The above is, of course, “fiction”, however, to me, this message rings so loudly and clearly
as truth, it is as if I am hearing it straight from the lips of the resurrected Christ himself.
It resonates deep within me, and it dove-tails perfectly with many other things that I have
experientially discovered as being true on my own journey.

Plantain flower essence - The merging together of the sacred energies of the yin and the yang.
Main Super-Essence:       Male/Female Integration

Other Super-Essences:   None

Principal Category:          Spiritual

Other Categories:             E.E.A.  (Earth Energy Alignment)


      “I call upon my Christ Within to facilitate the sacred
        inner marriage of my male and female separated parts.”

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