Pounamu gem essence - Lifting old energy out of the body.    Click for a healing with a large photo.

Gem Essence

New Zealand Greenstone

(A form of jade found in New Zealand)


A gem essence made from Pounamu (Greenstone),
the sacred healing stone of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Works on all the chakras.
Lifts old energy closer to the surface.

Aligns people with the earth and with divine energy (ie. the stars).

Pounamu gem essence - Made from the sacred healing stone of New Zealand. A gem essence, made from four small pieces of pounamu.

I was visiting Whanganui, in September 1998, and I was given some pounamu by a Mãori woman. I had mentioned that I had a need for some greenstone. She said “Do you really want some?”, and she went inside her house and came out with one of those plastic bags that banks use for coins. The bag was full of pieces of greenstone, off-cuts from jewelry making, and she gave me the bag. She just said “Here you are”, and gave me the bag. I thanked her, and nothing more was said.

I had heard that the traditional Mãori belief was that pounamu, the sacred healing stone, should always be given rather than being bought for money.  I had known for some time that I needed to make a essence from pounamu, and I had no idea where I could get some from. It definitely did not feel right to just buy a piece from a shop; so I had just let it go, trusting that the universe would provide.  And it did!

The Pounamu gem essence was made on 24th October, 1998, on Mt. Kaukau, on the same day that I also made the Gorse flower essence, and the “E.E.A.” (Earth Energy Alignment) set of essences. There is a small hill that I call my “sacred hill”, just off the track on the Northern Walkway near the top of Mt. Kaukau, and I have made essences there several times. This place is a special place to me, a place of magic.  See also the story of the Plantain flower essence for more about the Mt. Kaukau “sacred place”.

As for the pounamu essence itself: it fills a unique role in the New Millennium Essence Set. Being the sacred healing stone of New Zealand, and with the New Millennium Essences embodying the healing energies of New Zealand, the pounamu essence provides key energies within the totality of the energies of the essence set. It feels to me like the making of this essence brought into being the overall integrated energy of the essence set as a whole. Before this essence was made, there was a collection of individual essences; once the pounamu essence was made, the parts became the whole.

See also the Indigenous Wisdom essence.

Pounamu gem essence - Aligning people with the earth and with the stars.
Main Super-Essence:       Body Energy

Other Super-Essences:   Body Balance
                                            Mãori Spirituality
                                            Energy Remodulation
                                            Metabolic Function

Principal Category:          Spiritual

Other Categories:             None


      “I call on the powers of heaven and earth
        to bring me into divine alignment.”

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