Rock Plant flower essence - Awakening one's knowing to the Divine Mother aspect of God.   Click to have a healing with a large photo.

Rock Plant
Flower Essence

Delosperma (variety)


“The Fragrance of God.”

To awaken one's knowing to the sacredness
of the Divine Mother aspect of God.

The Queen of Queens.

Delicate and strong, pure and loving,
wise and omnipotent.

For people who are serious about their
inner male/female integration.

Rock Plant flower essence - The "Queen of Queens", delicate and strong, wise and loving. A flower essence, made 15 March, 2000, from the flowers of
rock plants in the garden of Maree, at Te Horo Beach.

Although this essence was only made in physical form in March 2000, I had been working with its energy since August 1999. During a visit to a friend in Christchurch, we both became aware of the energy of a Daphne plant sitting on her table.

There was no opportunity to make an essence from the plant at the time, but I began working with the energy of the essence, including the “calling in” of the the healing energy of the essence, into essence mixes for myself and for clients.

In March I found a plant with an equivalent energy, this plant, and
since then I have had the essence in physical form, and in the time
since then, this essence has become a component essence in a number
of the New Millennium “Super-Essences” (see below).

I just love this essence! The phrase “The Fragrance of God” says it all.
I have used this essence in my own male/female integration work, and
I have found it to be very effective.

For information on the importance of our male/female integration “inner
work”, see the Plantain flower essence.

The Black Eve and Moonstone are other essences which are concerned
with the female aspect of God. And for healing the wounded female aspect
within both women and men, we have the Cockle shell essence and the
Winter Savory
flower essence.

Rock Plant flower essence - For people who are serious about their inner male/female integration.
Main Super-Essence:       Feminine

Other Super-Essences:   Male/Female Integration
                                            God the Mother
                                            Sexual Power
                                            The Kali Essence

Principal Category:          Spiritual

Other Categories:             None


      “I awaken to the Divine Mother and call on her to heal me.”

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