Iceberg Rose flower essence - For recovery from sexual abuse. Click to have a healing with a large photo.

Rose - Iceberg
Flower Essence


For all levels of sexual abuse, including
sexual harassment.

For women and for men.

Also for people who believe they have sinned
by indulging in sexual activity.

To restore the sense of purity when one has
felt violated, soiled and impure.

Iceberg Rose flower essence - Cleansing one's sense of being violated. A flower essence, made 30th April, 1999, from the white flowers of an “Iceberg” rose bush at the property of my friend, Heidi-Sue, at Ohau, near Levin.

Over the summer of 1998-99, I made many wonderful flower essence at Heidi's place, essences like Violet and White Statice, Indigo Spires Salvia, Plum, Red Sunflower, and the California Poppy.

The Iceberg rose is a very popular rose of the Floribunda type, and I have seen it growing in many of the public botanical gradens here in New Zealand.  The Iceberg rose was bred by Reimer Kordes
in Germany in 1958, and I find it very interesting that its parentage is
“Robin Hood” crossed with “Virgo”.

The flowers of this rose are a very pure white (sorry, but this has
not come out this way in the photographs). To me, this pure,
pristine white symbolises the cleansing action of this essence.

On reading about the “Iceberg” rose in the rose books, they say
that the pure stark white color often changes to pale pink in cold
weather, and to me this symbolizes the “staining” of the pure
innocence that always results from sexual abuse.

When I took the photographs, the light was very poor, and this
has resulted in the photos coming out with a very dark, black
background, in stark contrast to the bright light color of the rose
blooms. This stark contrast is very appropriate, like the pure
white rose is emerging from the deep black which symbolises the
energy of the abuse and violation.

Iceberg Rose flower essence - Restoring one's sense of purity and self-worth.
Main Super-Essence:       Childhood Trauma Recovery

Other Super-Essences:   Religious Guilt

Principal Category:          Trauma

Other Categories:             Sexual and Gender


      “I now stand proud and tall, and I
        look the world in the eye and smile.”

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