Yellow Rose flower essence - for physical trauma. Click for a healing

Yellow Rose
Flower Essence


The flower essence for physical trauma.

This essence helps the body to process and release
the energy from the physical trauma, thus avoiding
the need for the body to store this energy as body-
embedded trauma energy.

Yellow Rose flower essence - helping the body deal with the affects of trauma A flower essence, made 31 March 2002, from a yellow colored rose in Wigzell Park, Nelson; found in the same location, and on the same day, as its companion essence, the Yellow Berry Essence.

The discovery of this flower represents a very major breakthrough in the treatment of trauma. Until the discovery of this flower, most of the flower essences for helping with the effects of trauma have worked purely at the emotional-mental level. For example, all of the five constituent flowers of the Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy work in this way, to help calm the emotions and the mind.

While the emotional-mental approach is useful, it does not directly address the issue that, in many instances of the experiencing of trauma, a large part of the trauma energy cannot be processed and released, and ends up being stored in the body cells, where it remains (often for many years). The accumulative affects of stored trauma energy can be likened to a ticking time-bomb, waiting to be triggered off by some future reminder of the traumatic
event, which results in symptoms of “post-traumatic stress”.

This yellow rose flower essence therefore represents a huge breakthrough
in the treatment of trauma, along with the other constituent essences in
our Everyday Emergency flower essence trauma mixture.

Note that this yellow rose flower essence is for the treatment of physical
trauma immediately after the traumatic event, or within a few days.

For dealing with the energy of post-traumatic stress at a later date, refer
to the Typhoon Rose flower essence.

Important Note: In no way is this form of energy therapy a substitute for
the appropriate medical treatment.

Anyone who suffers an acute physical trauma is advised to seek the appropriate
help at the appropriate emergency room or medical center.

Yellow Rose flower essence - helping to heal trauma in the body
Main Super-Essence:      Trauma

Other Super-Essences:   None

This essence is an ingredient of the Everyday Emergency
flower essence trauma mixture.

Principal Category:           Trauma

Other Categories:             None


      “My body gladly releases this trauma energy,
        freeing me from any long-term affects of this event.”

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