Sacred Feminine Crystal - Helping create a fertile consciousness. Click to have a healing with a large photo.

Sacred Feminine Quartz Cluster
Gem Essence


Healing the sacred feminine in all of humanity.

Healing a part of humanity that has long been
misunderstood and suppressed.

Includes the energy of the “Rainbow Woman”.

Sacred Feminine Crystal - the birthing of a fertile, creative consciousness A gem essence, made December 2001, with a quartz crystal cluster that belongs to Lisa. This quartz cluster sits on the window-sill of Lisa's healing room, radiating its healing energy to everyone who uses the room.

The photographs were taken on a later visit to Lisa's place, in June 2002, as she will see when she finds this web page!  I took the photos while she was out one afternoon, and she will be surprised when she finds this page.  :)

This issue of the healing of the sacred feminine in all of humanity is very important. For thousands of years, the feminine aspect of God has been suppressed and distorted by most societies on planet Earth, and it is now time to heal this.

Other essences that are for similar issues include the Black Eve, for the energy of God the Mother, the Cockle shell essence, for restoring
energy to the feminine aspect of humanity, the Winter Savory flower
essence, for restoring the sacredness to the feminine energy, and the
Rock Plant flower essence, for awakening us to the “fragrance of God”.

Sacred Feminine Crystal - the birthing of a fertile, creative consciousness
Main Super-Essence:       Healing the Sacred Feminine

Other Super-Essences:   Divine Innocence
                                            Male Health

Principal Category:          Spiritual

Other Categories:             None


    “I open my heart to the sacred feminine and invite
      my own inner sacred female aspect to heal.”

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