Pink Sedum flower essence - For a broken heart, and weakness around the heart.    Click to go to big photo for healing

Pink Sedum
Flower Essence

Sedum spectabile

(variety “Brilliant”)


For people with any weakness around the heart.

Heart disease, etc.

The emotional fears have manifested in the body,
or will do, if left unresolved.

Includes broken heart syndrome.
(As per Louise Hay's books).

Pink Sedum flower essence- The emotional fears have manifested in the heart. A flower essence, made 15 March, 2000,
from the beautiful pink flowers of Sedum plants
in the garden of Maree, at Te Horo Beach.

This plant, a member of the Crassula family,
when in flower, is dazzlingly beautiful.

The definition is self-explanatory.

I have found this essence to be very useful
in a wide range of heart-related issues.

Pink Sedum flower essence - Healing a broken heart. Main Super-Essence:       Wounded Heart

Other Super-Essences:   None

Principal Category:          Trauma

Other Categories:             Medical


      “I allow my broken heart to heal,
        and I joyfully accept the happiness that is mine.”

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