Strawberry Cactus flower essence - For guilt and self-blame.    Click to go to large photo for healing.

Strawberry Cactus
Flower Essence

Echinocereus spp.


For guilt and self-blame, when one has been
a victim of some form of abuse or assault,
or has been injured.

(Especially good for women and children).

“It's all my fault.”
“If only I was more attractive, he would not have hit me.”
“If only I had been watching where I was going,
  I would not have sprained my ankle.”

Positive: To accept one's part in an experience, without self-blame.

Strawberry Cactus flower essence - For "victims" to become self-empowered. A flower essence, made 24 January, 1999, from the red flowers of a Strawberry Cactus pot plant. I bought this plant in mid-1996, when it was very tiny, and had watched it grow larger and larger, outgrowing its pot several times. This was the first time that it had flowered, and it produced three beautiful flowers, just enough to make an essence.

I knew immediately the plant began to flower that I would make an essence from it, and that it would be a trauma essence.

There are still many people in our society, especially women, who are stuck in the bleak wilderness of the abusive relationship. This essence will help them to, when they are ready,
break out of the energy of this, which in reality is an energy of

Other essences that also come to mind which may sometimes
be of use are Wandering Jew, White as Snow, and Parahebe
(the co-dependence Parahebe essence), and for the perpetrator
of violence, the Spiraea japonica essence comes to mind.

Strawberry Cactus flower essence - To accept one's part in an experience, without self-blame.
Main Super-Essence:       Guilt

Other Super-Essences:    Cleansing and Self-Worth

                                            Everyday Challenges
Principal Category:          Trauma

Other Categories:             None


      “I surrender my need to defy my Inner God-Self
        and believe that I am imperfect.”

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