White Climbing Rose flower essence - To ease the spirit into the body. Click to have a healing with a large photo.

White Climbing Rose
Flower Essence


To ease the spirit into the body.

People with autism, cerebral pausey, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.
The spirit does not fit into the body, largely a physical process.
Helps clearing on a karmic level.

For these people, it is like an energy process.

White Climbing Rose flower essence - When the spirit does not quite fit in the body. A flower essence, made 16 March 2000, at Stone.
Pine Creek Lavender Farm, at Te Horo, north of

I saw this climbing rose from a distance, all over
the south boundary fence.  It was huge,
having spread a long way on the fence in both

Only a single bloom was needed to make the essence,
which is usually the case with most rose essences.

Notice how, in all of the photographs, the white rose
flower is badly over-exposed, but the leaves are not.
I feel that, in the photos, the over-exposed flowers,
“whiter-than-white”, are symbolic of the spirit,
blazing forth in all its glory, and being just a little
too “radiant” to fit snugly into the body.

I have noticed that, many many times, little “messages”
like this are given to us, if only we are alert enough to
recognise them.  This has certainly been the case
for me, many times, in the making of these essences.

Other essences where a similar effect of over-exposure of
the flowers has occurred, for very appropriate reasons, are
the Brush Wattle, the Iceberg Rose, and the Pink Flower Bush.

White Climbing Rose flower essence - An "energy process" for spirit/body integration.
Main Super-Essence:       Body Connectedness

Other Super-Essences:   Body/Soul Integration
                                            Young Babies

Principal Category:          Spiritual

Other Categories:            Trauma


      “My spirit and my body are now ready to
        come into perfect alignment and balance.”

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