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Yarrow  (white)
Flower Essence

Achillea millefolium


For the Lightworkers.....
to restore their faith in God.

A very spiritual essence.

Inspired by the yarrow flowers
growing in a very special, sacred place.

Yarrow flower essence - Restoring our faith in God. Around the time of late 1998 through to April 1999, I had spent
a lot of time walking the tracks on Mt. Kaukau, high up in the hills above Wellington, between the suburbs of Khandallah and Johnsonville. A number of flower essences were made there, and also the Pounamu gem essence, which fills a very special and unique role in the New Millennium essences.

There was a special place, what I called my “Sacred Hill”, where
I would sit in the sun with the flowers and water in the wine glass, and I would meditate or read while waiting for the essence to be made.

Or, sometimes, I would work on my own healing, as this time of my life was a time of very intensive personal growth and healing.

From April 1999, when I moved north to Raumati South, it was
not so convenient for me to spend time on Mt. Kaukau. I did however,
intend to return, in order to make an essence of the wild yarrow.

I had seen the yarrow in flower on Mt. Kaukau the previous summer, but
at that time the timing was not right to make the essence..... the energies
were not yet in alignment for the making of the yarrow essence.  So, I had
set the intent to return the following summer to make the yarrow essence.

So, on this day of 6th November, 1999, I returned, to keep my “appointment
with Nature”, to make the flower essence from the wild yarrow.

When I arrived, I found, much to my dismay, that the yarrow was not yet in
flower!  Following my initial disappointment, I thought “Oh well, it's really
nice to be back here, anyway, in my “Special Place”, sitting in the sun on my
“Sacred Hill”, I may as well enjoy my time here”.

I then became aware of another wild plant, another so-called “weed”..... like
it was calling out to me, telling me that it needed to be made into an essence,
only this plant was in flower and ready.  I looked around, and I saw, among
the wild grass and other “weeds”, hundreds of plantain plants, all of them in

So, my trip here, the drive down from the Kapiti Coast to Wellington, and the
climb up the track to the hill-top, carrying my essence-making equipment in
my little pack on my back (I was always well-organised for these little essence-
making “field trips”), was not just to spend a pleasant day meditating and
reading in the sunshine.  Click here to see details of the Plantain Essence.

As it turned out, I never did return to Mt. Kaukau to make the wild yarrow
essence.  Circumstances intervened, and I somehow never made it back to
Mt. Kaukau.  However, later that same summer, on 27th January 2000, I was
staying at the property of some friends, inland from the Kapiti Coast, and
I saw the wild yarrow was in flower there. So I made the Yarrow essence
that day, the same day that I also made the Piripiri, the Zucchini and the
Water Celery essences.

Main Super-Essence:      Divine Connection

Other Super-Essences:   Divine Joy
Yarrow flower essence - A very spiritual essence.
Principal Category:         Spiritual

Other Categories:            None


    “I am totally ready to come into a close
      relationship with God and the Divine.”

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