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F.A.Q's  on Essences in General

What are flower essences and gem essences?

Flower essences are energy medicines, made by floating flowers on water in the sun, bottling the water, and then using this water, in diluted form, for healing purposes.

Gem essences are energy medicines made in a similar way, but with a gemstone or crystal placed in the water instead of flowers.

See the following questions for further details on how they are made.

Flower and gem essences are usually taken orally, a few drops in the mouth, though they can also be absorbed through the skin, for example by being added to massage oil.

We recommend that you read the article Essence Therapy Explained in our Articles Section.

How are essences made?

Flowers floating on water in a wine glass. Flower essences are made by floating freshly cut flowers on water (traditionally in a wine glass - not many flowers are needed). The water, with the flowers floating on top, is exposed to the sun for several hours, after which the flowers themselves are then discarded and the water, which is now “energised” with healing energies from the flowers, is bottled and preserved (usually with brandy as a preservative).

This water and brandy mix becomes what is known as the “mother tincture” of that particular flower essence remedy. This mother tincture is diluted down, a few drops into a whole bottle of water/brandy mix, to make up the “stock” strength essence. It is the “stock” strength that is supplied to essence practitioners. The practitioners then dilute the essence down again, a few drops into a bottle, and it is this (twice diluted) solution that is used, in the “treatment bottle”.

Who made the first flower essences?

It was the Welsh doctor, Edward Bach, in the 1930’s, who was the first person in the modern era to discover this way of utilising the healing power of plants.

Dr Bach made 38 essences from wild flowers growing in the English countryside. This, the first set of “flower essences” became known as the Bach Flowers, and is still in widespread use today.

Native peoples all over the world however, have been using the healing power of flowers for thousands of years. What Dr Bach did that no-one else appeared to have done, was to devise a method of capturing this healing energy in water and preserving it indefinitely for future use, thus making it much more convenient for people in the modern world.

Since the time of Dr Bach, many others have “followed in his footsteps” in countries all over the world, making many new sets of flower essences.

Why so may sets of essences?

Since the time of Dr Edward Bach hundreds, even thousands of sets of flower essences have been made all over the world.

Each country has a unique energy, and the plants that grow in each country have a contribution to make to world healing.

As the decades have passed the energy of the mass consciousness of humanity has changed. The issues that face us today are not the same issues that people faced back in the 1930s.

Our modern global culture is much more complex. In order to help people heal the effects of living in this time, with all of its stresses, the plant kingdom has brought forth new healing energies for us to use.

What’s so special about this set of essences?

* They are right at the “cutting edge” of energy medicine technology, being very powerful, and carrying a unique type of energy.

* Within the New Millennium Essence range, there are essences to address issues that have never been addressed so specifically by essence therapy before now. This includes specific essences for issues like addiction, cultural issues, children's issues, women's health, physical health, relationship issues, assistance with childbirth, and the legacy of war, to mention a few.

* There are “ready to use” essence mixtures targeted at specific health issues. By using the new techniques discovered as part of the New Millennium Essence Project, the power and versatility of this new range of our Everyday Helpers is unique.

* Utilising some of the new discoveries, the makers of the New Millennium Essences have produced the Super-Essences,  which represent a huge leap forward in the way essences are used.

How do essences really work?

Flower essences work at the “energy anatomy” level of the body in a similar way to acupuncture.

The benefits of working in this way include the fact that there are no “side effects”, or “contra-indications”, they can be mixed with any other form of medication with no risk.

Another benefit of working at the energy anatomy level is that flower essences are subtle yet at the same time powerful. They do not “hit you over the head”.

Are essences the same as homeopathics?

While essences and homeopathics do have some things in common, in that they are “energy medicines”, essences are different from homeopathic remedies in several ways.

Flower essences are prepared in a different way to homeopathics. Homeopathic remedies are energised by repeated dilution, with the solution being shaken (sucussed, as it is known) with each dilution. Essences are not diluted repeatedly and they are not usually sucussed.

Unlike homeopathics, essences are not affected by the use of substances like coffee, peppermint, strong perfumes, etc, and they can be taken with food and drink.

By “essences”, do you mean “essential oils”?

Flower essences are totally different from “essential oils”. Essential oils, as used in aromatherapy, are made by distilling, the volatile oils from flowers with heat. Essential oils are highly concentrated, they contain complex chemical compounds extracted from the plant, and they always have a very strong odour.

Flower and gem essences contain no oil, and no chemical substance from the plant....  they are made of pure water which has been energised with healing energy from the flower, with brandy added as a preservative.  Flower and gem essences have no odour (see next question).

However, we are currently also researching and developing a new way of blending together flower essences with aromatherapy essential oils. See our aromatherapy blends index page for details.

Please note that we now do also stock a range of top quality organic and wildcrafted essential oils, however, these should not be confused with our flower essence products, as they are a totally different type of natural healing product.

What smell do essences have?

Flower and gem essences are totally odourless, apart from the smell of the brandy that is added as a preservative.  Flower and gem essences contain no material substance from the plant or gem, so there is no mechanism for any odour to be present.  The water acts purely as a carrier for the healing energies, with no physical material being present in the solution.

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