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F.A.Q’s  on our New Millennium Essences

Can I just walk into a shop and buy your flower essences?

Yes, you can buy some of our flower essence products in retail shops, at least here in New Zealand you can.

Until recently, in order to make sure you get the “right” combination of flower essences into the bottle,  the exact ones that you need right now.....  it was necessary to undergo an individual diagnosis process.

While an individual diagnosis is still the optimum method of choosing essences, there is now available another method. The New Millennium over-the-counter standard mixes, the Everyday Helpers,  are very effective for treating a range of common health-related issues without the need for an individual diagnosis.
This range of easy-to-use, inexpensive, “one-size-fits-all” essence mixtures is bringing essence therapy to many people who otherwise would not be using essences. The range includes mixtures for.....
And, of course, the premier product in our “Everyday Helper” range of essence mixture products, of which we are very proud,  is our  “Everyday Emergency” mixture.  This is our super-versatile, super-powerful equivalent to the old “Rescue Remedy”(™)  (see trademark statement below).

What's so Special about these  “Everyday Helpers”?

After all,  essence “standard mixes” have been around for a long time!  What's different about this range of mixture products?

Several things are different about the New Millennium “Everyday Helpers”....

The flower essences and gem essences that are the individual components of these mixture products are much more powerful, and with a “wider” energy that previous generations of flower and gem essences. These essences have more “punch”,  and each essence can cover a lot broader range of issues than similar essences of earlier generations.

Also, these mixtures are mixed together in a radically different way than other flower essence mixtures.  These mixes are mixed in a two-step mixing process, using special “linkage” essences to hold the structure of the mixtures together.  First the individual essences are assembled in groups of three or four, into what we call “Super-Essences”,  with these Super-Essences being very powerful. Then, a number of these Super-Essences are mixed together into the final combination required.

This process of mixing, and using the linkage essences to hold the mixes together, is a very complex process, right at the cutting-edge of energy medicine technology,  and the full details of how this is done is beyond the scope of this brief explanation.  What it means in practical terms though, for the consumer,  is that it is now possible to make a single mix that covers just about all the many variations of that condition,  making it practical to market a single mixture for each of the health-related conditions listed in the answer to the above question,  and for these mixtures to be very effective for just about everybody who uses them.  This fact alone will serve to (finally) take flower essence therapy “to the masses” and popularise what has, until now for many people, been the “world's best-kept secret”.

What was that you said about a “Rescue Remedy”
type mix?

OK.  The good old, tried-and-true, Bach Flowers “Rescue Remedy” has been around for a long time,  and millions of people use it regularly.  Apart from using it for its primary purpose of trauma relief, “Rescue Remedy” is used as an all-purpose essence mix.  (See trademark statement below).

Over the years,  many essence makers have brought out their own version of a “Trauma Mix” type essence mixture,  but none of these has ever challenged the old “Rescue Remedy” in popularity.....  until now.

Trademark Statement :  “Rescue Remedy”(™)  is a registered Trade Mark of the Bach Flower Company.  Our “Everyday Emergency” product has no connection with the Bach Flower Company,  nor is it endorsed in any way by the Bach Flower Company.
These two products are totally different, and in no way are we saying or implying that our “Everyday Emergency” product is the same product as the original “Rescue Remedy”(™).

So, what makes you think that your
“Everyday Emergency” Product is so good?

Because our Everyday Emergency trauma mixture is made using the latest cutting-edge energy-medicine technology outlined above,  we have been able to bring together into one bottle a trauma mix of unprecedented power and versatility.
Also because the component essences of our “Everyday Emergency” mixture are of the very latest generation, each component flower essence and gem essence is therefore a lot more powerful than are the essences of earlier generations.

This product is powerful, and it is versatile.

For full details of why this is so,  click on this link to read all about  Everyday Emergency.

So, with all these one-bottle, standard mixtures, does this mean we no longer need essence practitioners?

No.  Definitely not!

While it is true that for everyday common complaints, the standard mixtures are great, we still have a need for skilled essence practitioners.  In fact, as modern living becomes more and more complex,  with the pace of life speeding up, we need skilled practitioners more than ever, and these practitioners need powerful tools!

For these practitioners, we now have the powerful tools,  the tools of the twenty-first century......

Starting with our Practitioners Set of forty-four “Super-Essences”,  and including a range of kits that include the following:

Each of the above is a set of our Super-Essences,  supplied at “stock” strength, pertaining to the treatment of the issues that arise in the stated category.  A practitioner can mix and match which of these sets she will need in order to cover the range of specialties that she works with.

For full details of these sets of practitioner essences  (which are supplied at stock strength),  please click on this link to our  Super-Essence sets. .

What about support for all these products?

Good question!

We now have available our Manuals and Sets of Flower Cards. The Manuals are very comprehensive, and beautifully presented, with large color photographs of the flowers, as also do the cards.

A book about flower and gem essences is currently being written,  and will be ready for publication soon. Please contact us for more details.

This Internet website is a major information resource for all of our products,  including a very comprehensive on-line Essence Manual.

For specific questions or queries,  you are welcome to  ,  phone, or write to us.  Full contact details are on the Home Page of this Site.

A comprehensive flower essence practitioner training program is now under way, with training workshops and seminars to be held in various locations around New Zealand,  and eventually in other countries.  See this webpage for details.

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