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F.A.Q’s  on What’s “Special” about the New Millennium Essences

Why were the New Millennium Flower Essences produced?

The New Millennium Flower Essences were produced for a number of reasons, including.....

The mass consciousness of humanity has now evolved to a point where we are ready to heal our issues on all levels.....  physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, in more direct, much faster ways.  In order to do this, new tools and techniques are needed,  and the New Millennium Essences are one such group of new tools.

The earlier generations of flower essences and gem essences were great for their times, and, while these earlier essences still work,  a new generation of more powerful flower and gem essences are now needed for use by those people who wish to really “go for it” in the healing of their issues as fast as possible.

The New Millennium Essences include essences for working directly with issues that have not been addressed directly by essences before.  This includes issues like addiction,  the legacy of war,  cultural issues,  physical body issues,  and relationship issues.

They also include a range of powerful essences for all the “old” things that essences have traditionally been used for.....  recovery from past trauma, emotional and mental issues, spiritual development, etc.

The energy of New Zealand is unique in the world.  A wild, clean, primal energy;  and the New Millennium Essences fully utilize this unique energy.

For more details on using flower essences and similar therapies to heal the past, and why this is much easier to do when using the latest generation of essences, we suggest that you read Using Essences to Heal the Past in our Articles Section.

What is different about the New Millennium Essences?

The New Millennium Essences are “different” from earlier generations of essences in a number of ways,  but their main difference is that they are “fourth-generation essences”.

The Bach Flowers were the first generation,  many other sets of flower essences, and gem essences, produced all over the world are second-generation essences,  the flower essences produced at “Perelandra” in Virginia are third-generation flower essences,  and the New Millennium Essences are fourth-generation.

With each succeeding generation of essences,  the power of the essences increases,  ie. the depth of the energy of each individual flower or gem essence is greater than the depth of energy of a similar flower or gem essence that belongs to the previous generation.  Also, the “breadth” or “width” of the energy of a later generation essence is much greater than a similar essence of the previous generation.  This means that not only will a specific fourth-generation flower essence or gem essence have more “grunt”,  but it also means that such an essence will be able to cover a much wider range of variations in the issue being addressed.

For further details on why fourth-generation essences are so important, please read our series of articles on Using Essences to Release the Past in our Articles Section of this Web Site.

As mentioned in the answer to the previous question,  the New Millennium Essences are also “different” in that they work directly with issues that have never been directly addressed by essences before;  and in that they embody the unique energy of New Zealand.

You might also like to read the story of how Peter Archer came to develop the New Millennium Essences, as told in his life story The Modern-Day Alchemist - Following in the Footsteps of Dr Edward Bach.

Why not just stick with the essences I currently use?

Yes, your current essences still work.....  just like they always have.  And, as we say in our Mission Statement, we do not see other sets of essences as being “in competition” with our essences.....  there is plenty of room in the world for everyone.  It is a matter of whether you are now ready to work with the latest generation of essences,  with more power and more versatility.

Traditionally,  many people have considered flower and gem essences to be great for working with the emotional, mental and spiritual issues,  in support of other healing modalities.  The essences were considered to be a “support modality”,  and were not often used as the “main modality”.

Now that a new generation of essences are appearing,  with much more power than the older generations of essences,  essence therapy is ready to take its place as a “main modality”.

“It is my personal experience that essence therapy, when done by a skilled, specialist essence practitioner,  always has been capable of being a “main modality”, sort of like essences were the world's “best-kept secret”.  I believe that it is now time for essences to “come out” and take the place that they deserve in the natural-healing field;  and one way that I am supporting this belief is in my part in the production and distribution of these New Millennium Essences.”
(Peter Archer,  July, 2001)

What do you mean by  “Energy Healing Technology”?

This is what energy medicines are.....  a form of technology.  This includes not only flower and gem essences,  but also homeopathy and other forms of energy healing.

The word “technology” is not confined to the so-called “high-tech” area of the computer industry, etc.

And,  with the emergence of the latest generation of energy-healing technologies,  of which the New Millennium Essences are an example,  the term “energy healing technology” is very appropriate.

What are some of the new “Cutting-Edge”
Essence Products?

Among the New Millennium range of essence products,  here are three examples of “cutting-edge” products......

Our very latest, cutting-edge, New Reality Personal Development Set.  This little set of fifteen essences does things that flower essences have never done before.

The “Super-Essences”.  Supplied to essence practitioners as stock-bottle kits of essences for the practitioner (or the serious personal user), to use in the mixing up of essence combinations.  There are a range of Category Sets, for various specialised purposes, and there is our general-purpose Practitioner's Set.

And, our Everyday Helpers Inexpensive, “one-size-fits-all”,  over-the-counter essence mixtures,  which offer unprecedented healing power and versatility,  for common everyday health-related issues.

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