New Millennium Flower Essences of New Zealand - Your questions on flower essences

F.A.Q’s  on Flower Essence Use

How are Essences Used?

Flower essences and gem essences are usually diluted down from the original  “mother tincture”  that was obtained from bottling the original energized water  (see question on how essences are made).  The dilution is usually a two-step process, from mother tincture to  “stock”,  and then from stock to treatment bottle.

For an explanation of “stock” and “mother tincture”, refer to the F.A.Q. section on technical terms.

Essences can be taken singly,  ie. one specific essence  (from one flower or gem),  or they can be mixed together into a single treatment bottle containing anything up to a dozen or more essences.

Essences are usually taken orally,  as drops in the mouth,  a few drops at a time.  They can be mixed with food or drink....  this is a handy method for young children,  and for animals.

They can be taken other ways.....  for example the healing energy is readily absorbed through the skin,  so they can be added to massage oil,  or used in the bath.

If the issue being treated is a sudden, acute, occurrence,  for example a sudden trauma,  a single dose may be sufficient,  or a few doses spread out over the course of a day or so.  For deeper, longer-standing issues  (ie. chronic issues),  an on-going course of treatment is needed.  A “typical” course of treatment would be four times daily for between ten and fifteen days, followed by a pause of a week or two,  and then a re-assessment to decide whether more treatment is needed.

What happens in a consultation with an
essence practitioner?

Every essence practitioner has their own way of working, they are all individuals.  However, a “typical” consultation would include a discussion about the issues, and a diagnosis as to which essences are appropriate.

For details of how to have a consultation with an essence practitioner who uses the New Millennium Essences, please refer to our Practitioners Section.

Methods of diagnosis vary.  Sometimes, from the discussion, some “obvious” essences appear.  Most practitioners use some form of intuitive testing, for example muscle testing, or dowsing with a pendulum.

Once a decision has been reached as to what are the appropriate essences,  the practitioner dispenses the essences in a treatment bottle, usually in a dropper bottle of around 25 ml (approx one ounce) size.  A few drops from the practitioner’s “stock” bottles of each essence needed is added into a solution of pure water with (optionally) a little brandy added as a preservative.

A few drops from this treatment bottle are taken, several times per day.  They can be taken straight into the mouth  (being careful not to touch the dropper against anything, especially the mouth, tongue or skin,  as this introduces bacteria into the solution).  Or, the drops can be added to a drink,  or to food (a good method of treating children and animals).

While it is true that the “best” way of experiencing essences is in a personal face-to-face consultation, this is not always practical for everyone.  Fortunately, it is possible for most essence practitioners to work at a distance, with the bottle of essences being sent through the mail.  For information on having a personally-customised bottle of the New Millennium Essences made up by an essence practitioner for you, and mailed to you, please refer to our Consultations Page.

What about just walking onto a shop
and buying a bottle ?

Yes, some essence manufacturers market “standard mixes” of essences for specific health-related issues.  However, until now, these “one-mix-fits-all” type mixtures were of limited effectiveness,  because every individual person is different and often the “standard mix” does not quite “hit the spot”.

With the availability of the New Millennium  Everyday Helpers  this has all changed.   As well as the individual component essences being more powerful (with a “deeper” and “wider” energy) than earlier generations of essences, the “Everyday Helpers” also take advantage of new ways of formulating the essences into a combined mix.  It is now possible to pack a lot more individual essences into one bottle, meaning that these essence mixture products hit a much wider “target” than other essence mixes.

The New Millennium  Everyday Helpers are available now.  The range of Everyday Helpers includes mixes for tiredness/fatigue/insomnia, acute illness, women's health (eg. pms, menopause symptoms, etc),  children's issues, stress, depression and grief, giving up smoking, addiction (alcohol and drugs), emotional healing, coping with change, giving birth, massage (for adding to the massage oil), animal health, and, of course, our  Everyday Emergency product, which is our very powerful rescue trauma mix similar to the Bach Flower “Rescue Remedy”(™).  See trademark statement below.

Trademark Statement :  “Rescue Remedy”(™)  is a registered Trade Mark of the Bach Flower Company.  Our “Everyday Emergency” product has no connection with the Bach Flower Company,  nor is it endorsed in any way by the Bach Flower Company.
These two products are totally different, and in no way are we saying or implying that our “Everyday Emergency” product is the same product as the original “Rescue Remedy”(™).

Are there more “advanced” ways of using essences?

Until now, there was basically just one way of using essences.....
Put one or more essences into a bottle,  and take a few drops several times a day.

However, recent research has changed that,  and there are now a number of ways to use essences in a more powerful, synergistic way, and our ongoing research is discovering new methods. For example, see our Whats New page, and also our pages on our new range of powerful products that combine our flower essences with high quality aromatherapy essential oils.

For details of some of these new ways of working,  look at the articles on essences  (under the “Information” Menu).

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