Red and White Camellia - the animals emotional mirroring essence

Animal Healing Mixture

Here is our “Everyday Helper” flower essence general-purpose mixture for animals. Mixed together in the one bottle, are all of the essences and Super-Essences described on the page below.

This essence mixture is designed to be a “no brainer”, straight-from-the-bottle solution for all animal general health issues. Each of the flower essences listed below provides help in the way stated, with all of them working together to provide support and help to the animal for the specific issue as stated. Any that are not needed will be ignored by the animal's body.

Each of the following is a component of this flower essence mixture product. Click on the name (or photo) of the flower, for more information on that flower.....

NOTE:  Please read the disclaimer statements regarding medical advice and medical treatment, at the foot of this page, and on our legal information page.

Animal’s Perspective on Life
Click to see details of Crimson Rose Camellia, for animals perspective on life Crimson Robe Camellia
   An essence to help animals to deal with living in a human-controlled world, when their world-view is a lot different to the world-view of humans. This sets up an energetic tension in animals, leading, in some animals, to the manifestation of ill-health.

Animal’s Frustrations and Limitations
Click to see details of Fir Tree essence, for animals frustrations and limitations Fir Tree
   An essence to help animals deal with their feelings of frustration and limitation, including the legacy of any early-life experiences where they first came up against the frustration of the limits imposed upon them by humans. Early-life limiting experiences of this type can be quite traumatic for animals, and this essence helps them to process and release the legacy of the post-trauma stress.

Click to see details of Red and White Camellia, for animals emotional mirroring Animal Emotional Mirroring
Red and White Camellia
   An essence to help animals to process and release the emotional energy that they take on from people, and then “mirror” back to the people.

Orange Begonia, for helping animals deal with negative garbage energy Emotional Garbage Energy
Orange Begonia
   An essence to help animals process and release negative emotional “garbage” that they pick up from the environment, and from people. Just as people pick up negative energy of this type, so too do animals, and this essence helps them to deal with this energy.

Click to see details of Marguerite Daisy, the Arnica of flower essences Arnica    Marguerite Daisy
The flower essence equivalent of homeopathic Arnica.
For bruising, sprains, bleeding, body trauma, emotional trauma, shock, etc.

Shock     Typhoon Rose
Typhoon Rose, the shock treatment essence. Click to go to see details For the treatment of shock of all types, from all causes, for people and for animals. The experiencing of a trauma that leaves us in a “state of shock” results in our body energy going into a state of hyper-activity. This essence helps the body to deal with this and accelerates the process of returning to normality. Also for the treatment of post-traumatic stress.

Click to see details of Potato Vine, the essence of Support Support    Potato Vine
The hand behind the back.... giving strength and support when the road feels rocky and the legs feel unsteady.

Click to see details of Nasturtium, energy ebbing away Energy Lack    Nasturtium
Stimulates stagnant energy into movement.
Allows one to “wake up and live a new day.”
For people, and animals, whose energy is ebbing away.

Click to see details of N.Z. Iris. Feeling delicate “Delicate”    New Zealand Iris
“Delicate.”   “I am going to break.”
To move back from the edge. To strengthen from
feelings of vulnerability and fragility.

Click to see details of Red Salvia, for staying connected in one's body Body Connection    Red Salvia
For having all feet firmly on the ground, firmly grounded on the soil, rather than tending to jump out of one's body.

Click to see details of Red Flowered Gum. Full flowering, against all odds Releasing the Past    Red Flowered Gum
Full flowering, against all odds. Takes one into the fullness of recovery, on from the feeling of...... “Things will never be the same again”.

Click to see details of Violet Lavatera - to chase away those grey clouds Subdued and Uncertain    Violet Lavatera
Subdued, uncertain.  Not sure where to go next.....
Fallen into a slump.  To chase away the grey clouds.....
and the sun lights your way.  (Not as heavy as depression.)

White Magnolia - the master orchestrator essence. Click to see details White Magnolia    The “master” essence, that ties it all together. Added to every mixture of the New Millennium Super-Essences. Provides energies for the mix, that include..... linking together of the Super-Essence healing energies, moderating the “healing crisis”, managing the strength of the healing energies.

Nothing in this Web site is intended to be taken as “medical advice” or medical treatment, of humans or of animals.

Anyone with any medical condition, or anyone with an animal that has a serious health problem, is advised to seek the appropriate advice and treatment from the appropriate health-care professional.

The above “Animal Helper” essence mixture product is available directly from us, as a powerful single-bottle mixture, in a 30ml (approx one ounce) glass bottle.  For details of how to order from us, please go to our Prices Page.

Our “Animal Helper” products are also available “over-the-counter” from some pet stores, veterinary centers, etc, and from selected health-food stores. For details of stockists near you, please contact us.

If you have any questions about this “Animal Helper” product, or about any of our products, for animals and for humans, please us.

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