Plum flower essence, the abundance essence.

Self-Help On-Line Healing

Welcome to the New Millennium Essences Free Self-Help On-Line Healing Facility

In this section of our website, you can tune in to the energy of the flowers, and the gems and stones, for a self-healing experience.

Since we first set up this free self-help healing service, we know that thousands of people have used it, and we have received many messages of thanks from users of the service.

For a sample of testimonials from people who have used our “Online Healing” service, please see our Testimonials Page.

Over the time since 2001, our range of flower essences has expanded considerably, and this index page provides a quick and easy way to see the various ranges at a glance, and choose a category of essences to work with. If you have any questions or comments, please email us.

Plum, the abundance essence, and one of the key general-purpose healing essences. Click to see details General-Purpose Basic Essences
The essences (which are listed alphabetically in order of the issues they cover) on this page are our old, original range of flower essences, from 2001, for “general-purpose healing”. These essences are still very powerful, especially for people who are new to essence healing work, and they cover a good range of issues.

The Fairy Rose, Angel's Delight, one of the spiritual essences. Click to see details Essences of a General “Spiritual” Nature
The essences in this section are similar to the above general-purpose essences, covering a variety of issues. They have been split off into a separate section to keep the total numbers reasonable, and to list separately the essences which are of a more “spiritual” nature.

Wylde Green Dahlia, one of our New Generation Alchemy essences. Click for details New Generation Alchemy Essences
Our New Generation Alchemy essences are for common, everyday issues, ie. issues of a similar nature to the those dealt with by the above general-purpose essences. However, these New Generation essences work at a deeper level, and are optimized for people who have already done some flower essence (or equivalent) healing work.

Divine Chakras Sea Essences    
One of the Divine Chakras. Click for details The “Divine Chakras” are a beautiful and powerful set of chakra essences.  However, they are much more than “just another set of chakra essences”. As well as helping to balance and heal the chakras, the Divine Chakras are also specifically for helping in the process of upgrading the human energy anatomy in order to bring more of the “Divine Energies” into one's experiential reality, to integrate the divine into our bodies.

Unlocking the Seven Seals
Veltheimia capensis, the I Am flower essence, for unlocking the seal of the crown chakra and understanding the meaning of I Am A special set of seven flower essences to assist in the unlocking of the “Seven Seals”, that have been locked up inside of us for eons.  In the Now of this New Reality, it is time to unlock these and complete the journey of experiencing duality. The seven seals are associated with the seven main chakras.

Bokit Begonia, one of the Emotional and Physical Relief flower essences. Click to see full details Emotional and Physical Relief    
Our little mini-set of four very special and unique flower essences, for bringing you genuine relief from those “symptoms” that are bugging you. For help with cutting through all the complex web of out-of-balance energies that are holding in place the baggage that is preventing you from moving on.

Milestone Iris, one of our Original Perfection essences. Click for details Original Perfection Essences
We are very pleased to bring you this lovely little set of our four “original perfection” essences. We believe that these are the most exquisite and “delicious” and perfect flower essences that we have ever made. They help you to return to that normal, natural state of perfect harmony and balance, a state of grace. We invite you to experience them for yourself.

Let us now look at the “New Energy Classic Series”, that were all discovered in April to June 2002. They fall into the following categories.....

Typhoon Rose, one of the Body Energy flower essences. Click to see full details Body Energy Mini-Set    
Our little mini-set of three “Body Energy” flower essences, for working directly with the body energy in various ways. Includes essences for dealing with the energy of shock in the body cells, and with the energy of apprehension, and with an energy of the past that is embedded in the cells.

Pink Dahlia, one of the Energy Anatomy flower essences. Click to see full details Energy Anatomy Set    
Our little set of eleven “Energy Anatomy” flower essences, for working with the human energy anatomy in various ways. Includes essences for help with cleansing and rebalancing the chakras, meridians, etc, for repairing energetic damage, for dealing with negative energy, and for releasing energetic blockages.

Saratoga Rose, one of the New Reality flower essences. Click to see full details New Reality Set    
This is our set of fifteen of our “New Reality” flower essences, for help in a general way with the issues associated with moving fully into the New Energy state of being. They cover various issues, mainly of a “spiritual” nature, but in a way that is very practical and down-to-earth.

Pink Heart Energy Rose, one of the sexuality flower essences. Click to see full details Sexuality and Gender Issues    
Flower essences for issues of sexuality and gender. All of humanity is obsessed by sex and sexuality, and these flowers bring to us the potential to heal the various aspects of this obsession. In the New Energy times of this new millennium, we are now able to work directly in new ways with the energies of the issues of sexuality and gender.

Escallonia bifida, one of the master paradigm flower essences. Click for details Master Paradigm Essences    
Here is a little mini-set of three Master Paradigm flower essences, for helping us to release our old beliefs of who and what we really are, and to help us see the Truth of Who We Really Are.

Amberlight Rose, one of the flowers for assisting the body in the complete reconfiguration of the human energy system. Click to see the details New Energy Super-Essences    
This is a small, but very powerful, collection of Super-Essences, to assist in working deeply at the DNA, cellular and energy anatomy level to release old embedded programming, including issues inherited from past generations in the family. Also for assisting in doing shamanic soul-retrieval work.

We will now look at some of our more recent essences, all of them having been developed from 2006 up until the present time. These essences are extremely powerful, being right up with the leading edge of the evolving mass consciousness of humanity in these fast-changing times.....

Pink Bougainvillea, one of the Core Issues essences. Click for details Core Issues Essences    
These “Core Issues” essences, developed by Peter in 2006, approach the issues is a somewhat different way to most other essences. These essences are suitable for people who are doing very deep past life or emotional release work, right down to the deepest levels of the issues.

Cellular Biology Essences
Ambridge Rose, the essences for enhancing cellular intelligence. Click to see details Here is our little set of flower essences for helping the body, at the cellular level, in optimizing the very complex processes involving the proteins of the cells, and the way that the proteins influence the intelligence of the cells. These essences were inspired by the ground-breaking work of cellular biologist Bruce Lipton, and by his book “The Biology of Belief”, in which he explains how the intelligence of the cells is modulated by the environment of the cells, working through the configuration of the cellular proteins.

Matawhero Magic Rose, the "Super Debugger" flower essence. Click for details Debugger Essences
These are our essences for “debugging”, ie. for energetic help with removing unwanted energies and entities. This includes energies like so-called “curses”, hexes, spells, implants, earth-bound spirits, negative emotional energy, and a wide range of similar energetic garbage that can be picked up in various ways.

Essences for Cancer
Yellow Daffodil, one of the essences for help with cancer. Click for details This is a little set of essences for help with some of the issues that might come up for people who have been diagnosed with cancer. We make absolutely no specific claims of a “medical” nature regarding these essences, they are not an alternative to any other form of cancer treatment, either conventional or alternative. We offer them here in good faith, because they just might help someone in some manner, and to hold them back just because the “medical authorities” might not approve would be unfair and unjust.

Tchin Tchin Rose, for clearing issues of guru abuse. Click for details. Click for details Guru-Abuse Essences
This is a little collection of specialist essences for help with situations where a “guru” is energetically abusing his followers. This type of abuse can include things like energy theft, manipulation, astral assault, etc, and can have a very serious affect on the victim of such abuse, though usually the victim will have no idea of what is actually causing their symptoms or problems.

Freedom Essences
Red Camellia, the Freedom Essence for uncovering deep garbage from the subconscious mind. Click for details Have you come to the point in your life where you are wondering “Why?” Why am I stuck? Why can I not break free? Why am I caught in this state of misery? Our Freedom Essences are the result of our search for answers to this question. We are finding them to be very helpful for us, and we trust that you will too.

This on-line energy healing system is in no way intended to be used for medical diagnosis or medical treatment. Anyone with a medical condition is advised to seek advice and treatment from the appropriate health-care practitioner. This form of energy healing is definitely not a substitute for proper diagnosis and treatment.

We trust that this on-line energy healing facility is of use to you. We always welcome your feedback, please email us and tell us about your experiences when using this facility. Please E-Mail us on 

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