Moon at Eclipse and Solstice Essence - for the Imperative Impersonal Cosequences
               Impersonal, Imperative consequences

This Zero Point Field essence is for help with the consequences of everything that happens in the universe being of an “impersonal” nature, and also being “imperative”. This means that, essentially, “God has no favourites”.

Everything happens as an inevitable consequence of what has gone before, you could put it like, “Shit happens, because previous shit has happened.”. You speed in your car, and you have a crash, or a speeding ticket! You cheat on your wife, she finds out, and you are in big trouble!

There are no undeserving victims. Everything has an underlying cause, of some kind. Every acton has a consequential action.

Karma is inevitable, and cannot be avoided, although it can be resolved, which is not the same as avoidance or evasion.

This is a very powerful, and very useful, essence: an environmental essence, of the moon at the exact time of the lunar partial eclipse of 21 December 2010, on the day of the summer solstice.

Just like solstices and eclipses happen “inevitably“, in accordance with the laws of the universe: so too do human (karmic) consequences, according also to the laws of the universe.

“I now take full responsibility for all of my actions, and fully accept all of the impersonal, imperative consequences.”

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This flower essence is one of our new “Zero Point Field” essences, which take the science of flower essences onto a different plane. For information about the Zero Point Field essences, see our Zero Point Field index page

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While looking at photo of flower.....

Breath slowly and deeply, and imagine the old stale energy leaving your body
on each out-breath, and new, healing energy coming in with every in-breath.

Connect with the energy of the flower.... sense its vibrancy, its life-force.
Allow this vibrant and healing energy to enter your body, and to penetrate
every cell and every atom of your body.

Repeat the affirmation several times, while still also focussed on the flower.
(The affirmation is in green, above.)

Just allow the healing process to occur.... and stay with this flower for as long
as it feels appropriate.

When finished, ask for the healing energies to continue to be “sent” to you
on an ongoing basis for as long as needed.

It is fine to do as many flowers, one after the other, as you feel drawn to do,
in the one session.

Come back as often as feels “right” for you, and repeat the process, either
with the same flowers, or with different ones.

You are welcome to print out the picture(s) of the flower(s) on your color
printer, and use the printed pictures for healing. Although we retain copyright
of the pictures, you do not have to ask us for permission to print copies
for personal use.

If, however, you would like to use the pictures, or anything else from this
website, in your work, or for any type of commercial or work-related
purpose, please ask us for permission first (we will usually be very happy
to give permission).

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