Peter Archer - the modern-day alchemist, in the footsteps of Dr Edward Bach.

From Small Beginnings..... Part Three

Now working full-time with flower essences....

“I walked away from that corporate world with no regrets.  Now I could devote all of my time and energy to my life's real calling.....”

Broccoli flower essence, for father-daughter relationship issues.  Click to see details. For the first month, I mainly just took it easy.  It took exactly one month to fully recover from three years of non-stop work, and to get the energy of the “corporate paradigm” out of my system.  I had made the last of my autumn harvest essences, which was Broccoli, on 31 May, and I had a rest from essence making over the winter.

Periwinkle flower essence, "Fairies in the Garden".  Click to see details. On 29 August, with the making of the Periwinkle flower essence, it was time to begin again, only now, this was my full-time profession!  And, looking at the Periwinkle now, I realise that it was very appropriate that this should be the first essence that I made after walking away from the corporate world and dedicating myself full-time to my “life's work”.
To see why this is, click on the picture of Periwinkle and read the definition.

And then, from September, the flood-gates opened.....

Plum flower essence, the abundance essence.  Click to see details. In September, as the spring days became longer and warmer (my favorite time of year!), I made seven essences  (Darwin's Barberry Flower, Pinus radiata, Plum, Jasmine, Coastal Wattle, Kowhai and White Allysum).  The Plum flower essence is especially interesting, as this is the main “abundance” essence in the New Millennium Essences range.

Olearia flower essence, to help a mind that goes round and around.  Click to see details. In October, I made thirteen  (Daly Pine Olearia,  Italian Lavender, White Manuka, Whau, Port Wine Magnolia, Chrysanthemum Echium, Pyrethrum, Lavender, Gorse, and my first gem essence,  Pounamu (Greenstone).

Bird of Paradise flower essence, the creativity essence.  Click to see details. In November, I made six essences  (Ponga, Manchester Table Carrot, Roseraire de l' Hay Rose, Opium Poppy, New Zealand Iris, Bird of Paradise).

Flax flower essence, the essence for fear.  Click to see details. And in December I made eleven  (Veilchenblau Rose, White Lychnis, Spiraea japonica, Fescue Grass, Solanum aviculare, Flax, Parsley, The Fairy Rose, Dark Pink Rose, Nicotiana alata, and Scarlet Nantes Carrot).

Stone Pine Creek lavender farm. an important essance making location. Some of these essences were made from the plants, weeds, and bushes that were growing in my garden, at the Buchanan Street house.  However, many of them were made in a diverse range of locations, including Whanganui, Nelson, Paraparaumu, and at the Stone Pine Creek Lavender Farm at Te Horo.  I was being guided to these places, often through seemingly “chance” meetings, in order to find the plants needed to continue with “The Project”.

Echium flower essence, an importance recovery from trauma essence.  Click to see details. Plum, Olearia, Echium, Pounamu, Flax, Roseraire de l' Hay Rose, and  Fescue Grass are all key essences in the New Millennium range.  “The Project” was taking shape, although, at this stage, I was still largely “flying blind”, and it was only later, with the benefit of hindsight, that I could see the pattern unfolding.  However, even at this stage, during those heady, joyously busy, days of spring and summer of 1998-99, I had an awareness that something really big was unfolding.

It was around this time that Lisa and I began to work closely together on our personal healing  (see the chapter A Tale of Two Flower Essence Therapists).  Lisa also began to become more involved in “The Project”.  We had discovered that she has a real talent for intuitively discovering the definition for a new essence.  As I made a new batch of essences, I would call Lisa, and we would have a session on the telephone to obtain the “definitions”, of what these new essences were for.

The main walking track on my beloved Mt. Kaukau. Over this summer of  1998-99, I was extremely busy.  I had become very fond of walking the tracks up Mt. Kaukau, and some of the essences were made there.  While walking these tracks, I would often have insights into personal issues, or of matters to do with  “The Project”.  And, of course, my personal healing work and my work on  “The Project” were intimately connected.

At this time, from September 1998 onwards, I really was “treading my path” in a similar way that had been pioneered seventy years earlier by Dr Edward Bach.  Just as Dr Bach had left his medical practice, with all of its financial rewards and recognition, so too had I walked away from my career in the “corporate world”, in order to follow a “higher calling”.  And, just as Edward Bach found the “answers” that he was seeking in nature, while wandering around the countryside of Wales and England, so too did I find many of my “answers” in my wanderings in nature, while walking the tracks on my beloved hill.

In January 1999, the pace of my essence making became frantic.  I made a total of forty-two essences in that one month!

Violet Lavatera flower essence, for feeling blue.  Click to see details. Among these forty-two flower essences made in a single month, were the really important ones of  Darwin's Barberry Berries, Gazania Pink Verbena Beetroot Violet and White Statice, Californian Poppy Crassula Pink Lavatera Violet Lavatera, Strawberry Cactus Helichrysum  and  Bougainvillea.  This frenzy of activity was the prelude to my visit to Waiheke Island, in early February,  where the true nature of  “The Project” was
revealed to us  (for details of this, see the chapter on A Tale of...).

Dark Pink Hibiscus flower essence, for "male sexual pride", a very "interesting" essence.  Click to see details. During that week-long Waiheke Island visit,  2nd to 9th February 1999, most of our time was taken up in the channeling of the definitions for the essences, and the other “informational” type work,  like the organising of the essences into their “category sets”; but we also somehow found the time to make some essences.  We made Yellow Canna Lily, which is one of the main addiction essences, and we also made Violet Pansy, Dark Pink Hibiscus, Wild Carrot, Inkweed, and Tooth Nightshade.

Upon my return home in February, following the Waiheke Island visit, the pace of my essence making continued, with nineteen essences being made in February, and then it began to tail off as summer became autumn.

Violet and Yellow Salvia flower essence, the suicide essence.  Click to see details. By April, the realisation came that it was time to leave the Buchanan Street house, and my beloved garden, and to move on to the next stage of “the journey”.  I made the final flower essences from my garden on 27th April, 1999, and by early May I was out of Wellington city, having moved up the coast to the seaside at Raumati South.

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