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Mission  Statement

Flower Essences for the New Millennium.....

As our flower essence project has unfolded over the past few years, we discovered that we have something truly extraordinary on our hands. In April 1996 (at Easter, actually), when we made our first flower essences, never in our wildest dreams did we visualise that, within a few short years, that this path would take us to where we are at now.

In those early days, having been flower essence practitioners and users for some years, the making of a few essences for ourselves (Peter and Lisa), seemed like a good idea. Both of us had discovered that we had a special affinity with the healing power of flowers, and we had decided that this was our “path” in life, this was our “mission”..... to become excellent practitioners of the art of flower essence therapy.

Anyway, one thing led to another, each step of the way seeming to us to be quite minor at the time.  For a detailed history of these steps, please refer to the appropriate sections of our  Flower Essence Manual.

Each and every one of these steps was not planned, in the traditional sense of planning or “goal setting”.  However, neither has any of this happened by “chance”.

In light of how this project was not “planned” in the traditional sense, is it possible for us to even define a “mission statement”?  Maybe not. At least, not of the usual, “corporate” type!

However, this does not mean that we do not have a mission.....

Our “mission” is to do everything that we feel that we are being guided to do, in order to help to heal the world, and humanity, in whatever ways are appropriate.

It so happens that among the means that we are being guided to employ to fulfil this “healing mission”, it includes all of the work that we have put into the research and development of these New Millennium Essences, and the building of this website, and all that goes with it, so, here we are, and you are reading this “Mission Statement” of ours.

If you would like to know more about our motivations in the setting up of this website, you are invited to read our Business Philosophy Page.

And, if you would like to read a summary of who the people are behind this project, please refer to our  About Us  page.

Anyway.....  Please explore our website.....  read about our project.....  feel the energy of our flower essences, as you try out our On-Line Healing facility.

Follow the links on our Home Page to whatever takes your fancy, or, for a quick, concise, run-down on what it's all about, have a read of our F.A.Q's (frequently asked questions). 

And.....  Please us with your questions and comments (we just love to hear from people!)

So.....  over to you......

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