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“Rescue Remedy” Updated for the
21st Century

“A New Millennium equivalent to an Old Favorite”

“Everyday Emergency”

The good old Bach Flowers “Rescue Remedy” (tm), has been around for a long time, and many people keep a bottle on hand for helping to cope with those little traumas that frequently arise.  This simple little mix of five English wild-flowers:  Star of Bethlehem (for shock), Rock Rose (for terror and panic), Impatiens (for mental stress), Cherry Plum (for desperation) and Clematis (for the feeling of out-of-body),  has helped millions of people, and is easily the best-known energy-medicine in the world.  NOTE: See trademark statement below.

Our similar (please refer to Trademark statement below)  product, our “Everyday Emergency” mix, because of being made with essences of the very latest generation, and because, by fully utilising our “Linkage” energies, we have been able to pack a lot of different essences into the one bottle, is, we believe, the most powerful and versatile flower essence “trauma-mix” of its type on planet Earth today.

For an explanation of how much more powerful the latest generation flower essences are than earlier generations of essences, we suggest you read the article Using Essences for Releasing the Past in the Articles Section of this Site.

The specific affects that our “Everyday Emergency” product has on the body include:

And, the issues that the Everyday Emergency mix can be used to effectively treat include:

The Everyday Emergency mix really is a “do-everything, one-bottle” essence mix.

For details of how to obtain some “Everyday Emergency” to have on hand for when you need it,  please go to our Ordering Section.  For details of pricing,  please refer to our Prices Section.  If you have any questions, or would like any points clarified,  please us.

Trademark Statement :  “Rescue Remedy”(™)  is a registered Trade Mark of the Bach Flower Company.  Our “Everyday Emergency” product has no connection with the Bach Flower Company,  nor is it endorsed in any way by the Bach Flower Company.
These two products are totally different, and in no way are we saying or implying that our “Everyday Emergency” product is the same product as the original “Rescue Remedy”(™).

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