Fragonia in flower - a gorgeous new essential oil from Western Australia

Essential Oil

Agonis fragrans

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Antimicrobial, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-infectious

Anti-inflammatory, mild analgesic, balancing on all levels Expectorant, immune system stimulant and balancer

The Fragonia flowers have a lovely fragrance, and so does the essential oil Fragonia™ is a brand new essential oil, from Western Australia, developed and produced by Paperbark Oils.

This essential oil is extremely mild on the skin, even at 100 percent neat, it has a lovely fragrance, yet its anti-infectious and anti-bacterial properties appear to be just as strong as tea tree oil, according to tests done at the University of Western Australia. It was also shown to be an effective anti-fungal against Candida albicans.

Fragonia™ has been extensively tested clinically by Dr Daniel Pénoël, the well-known French medical doctor, and he is very enthusiastic about the results he is obtaining with this oil on his patients. According to Dr Pénoël, Fragonia is remarkable in that its biochemical constituent compounds are present in a uniquely balanced proportion, and he attributes its remarkable action as a mental and emotional balancer to its uniquely balanced chemistry.

As well as being a very effective killer of microbes, Fragonia essential oil also has very good expectorant properties, not as strong as eucalyptus, but good enough to be very useful in a steam inhalation treatment for colds, flu, and other head and chest infections.

Fragonia's analgesic properties have been shown to make it an effective treatment for joint and muscle pain, and I have personally used it to relieve mild dental pain.

For the technically-minded, Fragonia's unique properties are in large part due to the presence in its biochemical makeup of equal amounts of the oxide 1,8 cineole, hydrocarbons (pinene), and alcohols (comprising linalool, geraniol, terpinen-4-ol, etc.). This makes it into a very versatile and effective “all-rounder”, and the fact that it is so mild and safe (even for children and babies), and also its extremely pleasant fragrance, make Fragonia a very useful and versatile oil.

Note that the name “Fragonia” is a registered trade mark, belonging to Paperbark Oils.

For comprehensive further information on Fragonia Oil, including the full story of its discovery, and a more scientific description of the oil, plus suggested recipes for advanced usage, see this pdf page. Click here for a pdf article on Fragonia Oil.

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Fragonia - milder than tea tree, but just as effective
Grown and distilled by:   Paperbark Oils, Western Australia

Extraction Method:   Steam distilled

Plant parts used:   Foliage and flowers

Principal Properties:       Anti-infectious & all-round balancer

Other Properties include:   Mild analgesic, expectorant, immune balancer

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