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Debugger Essences

Debugger Essences
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Decontamination Decontamination
Orange Canna Lily This essence cleans out the contamination energy from an infestation of negativity, nice…
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Guardian from Evil Guardian from Evil
Guardian Tree This tree essence is a "guardian" essence, that guards a person against negative energies and…
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Immunity to Negativity Immunity to Negativity
"Spooky" Trees The Debugger essence for total immunity to neagtive energies and entities. This essence i…
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Quantum Debugger Set Quantum Debugger Set
Our little four-bottle Quantum Debugger essence set does everything that a much larger number of our earlier debugger es…
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Transcending Evil Transcending Evil
Pink Rose This Debugger essence is for rising above, and transcending, the influences of negative energies and entiti…
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