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Alchemy Essences

Alchemy Essences
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Alchemy Essence Set Alchemy Essence Set
Our little six-bottle Alchemy Set is from our very latest work, is very powerful, and is designed to work alongside our …
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Ancestral Healing Ancestral Healing
Baby Ponga Made from a New Zealand native tree fern, this tree essence is for helping us to resolve the unfinished bu…
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Cellular Memory Cellular Memory
Big Bush The essence for helping our cellular memory and patterning. …
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Gut Health Gut Health
Corylopsis glabrescens Our gut health is vital to our wellbeing. The trillions of organisms in our gut perform myrial v…
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Karmic Healing Karmic Healing
Yellow and Brown Pansy Our most advanced karmic healing essence ever. Helping to resolve the unfinished energy busine…
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Meme Creation Meme Creation
Red Canna Lily The essence for help with creating memes, the original definition of the word "meme", meanin…
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Mitochondria Optimization Mitochondria Optimization
Kikiuyu Grass, usually considered to be a nasty weed. The very long roots and stems, that spread prolifically, symbolize…
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