Ponga Tree Ferns, one of the Zero Point Field essences

The “Ultra” Flower Essence Course of Treatment

A course of essence treatment for adults, that will take you as far as you wish to go....

Welcome to the New Millennium Essences “Ultra” series of essence treatments. This is a project that has been many years in the making, and is designed to take you as far as you wish to go in your personal healing journey.

Using all of the knowledge and skills developed over many thousands of hours research and development work in the New Millennium project, I have now created this very powerful series of essence treatment blends, for intensive personal healing use.

These essence blends are designed to give people a "helping hand" with all of the emotional-mental and spiritual issues that are buried deep within the human psyche. The treatments are offered in a series of essence blends, each bottle lasting approximately one month, and each bottle containing two "layers" of treatments.

These treatments are desgined to be virtually open-ended. It is up to each person just how far they wish to go with this system. There are no specific limits, and the treatments could continue on for a number of years, one bottle per month, for as long as desired. Or, a rest could be taken at any time, and then the treatments continued, from where they were left off. It is totally up to each person to decide how much is apprpriate for them.

The ultimate goal, for those that choose to continue on for long enough, is complete resolution of all of one's "issues", and complete freedom from emotional garbage, subconscious mind hidden "issues", and spiritual angst. That is indeed a very "lofty" target, and, for most people, it will take quite a number of years to get to that goal, but, it can be done. I know, becuse I have done it myself. The length of time varies for each person, and I am not able to tell anyone how long it will take, as everybody is different in that regard. I will tell you more about that as you progress along witht his system.

So.... let us get started, with the first "layer" of the Number One bottle....

Click here to see the essences in the first layer of the first bottle.

If you have any questions or comments about this series of essence treatments, or if you would like to know more about them, or feel moved to try them, please  us.

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