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Flower Essence Workshop

Our experiential, self-empowering, flower-power workshop......

This introductory-level one-day flower essence workshop has always been very successful.

We are currently working on a new, revised workshop, that will include the latest developments in flower essence technology, including our new Zero Point Field Essences.

Please email us for information about forthcoming workshops, to have your name added to our list of people interested in attending one of our workshops.

The following is a summary of what to expect in these workshops.....

Each workshop is customized to the needs of the attendees, with plenty of interactive participation, and it will be very much a “hands-on” experience.

We will start out with a general introduction to working with the healing power of flowers. We then look at some of the innovations in flower essence therapy pioneered by Peter Archer of New Millennium Essences, including Super-Essences, and the role of the White Magnolia Master Linkage essence in creating treatment blends.

We will also work in small groups, or in pairs, in learning and practising the skills needed in flower essence consultation and diagnosis. This will include hands-on use of our flower essence manuals and flower cards.

You will come away from this workshop having learned basic skills in the consultation, diagnosis and dispensing of flower essences. At the end the workshop you take home a flower essence blend for yourself.

This workshop is suitable for everybody, no previous knowledge or experience is required. However, experienced essence workers and practitioners will also gain a lot from learning and working with our innovative flower essence therapy techniques.

While there is no “prerequisite” knowledge or training needed, we suggest that you should read our Frequently Asked Questions, and it would also be helpful if you browse through this website of ours, and read some of the articles in our Articles Section, especially our article about Dr Edward Bach.

This workshop is facilitated by Glenys Earle. See our About Us page for details about us.

We provide a workbook, morning and afternoon teas. You can either bring your own lunch, or buy lunch locally at one of the many nearby cafes. We also ask you to bring a willing heart and an open mind!

To book your place on any of our workshops, or if you need any further information, or wish to discuss any aspect of these workshops with us, please either  us, or call Peter on (07) 8688 717 or 027 231 2885.

If you would like us to run a workshop in your area, please call or EMail us.

Residents of countries other than New Zealand, yes, we are planning on doing workshops in various countries. Please us to discuss this, or if you are interested in being our local contact person for a workshop in your area.

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